100th post & Monster Ball

So my 100th post has sneaked up on me, all of a sudden I was on 99! I have been writing my blog for about 1year and a half, and I thank every single person who has taken time to read my blog and appreciate it for what it is :)

Monster Ball starring Lady Gaga

My boyfriend got me these tickets for valentines; I had kind of suspected seems I never seem to shut up about Lady Gaga these days! But I was presuming we would be going to see her locally in Sheffield. But he decided to take us away for the weekend to London, so we got to see her at the 02.

I must admit, if I wasn’t in awe of her before then I am more than inspired by this lady now. She really sung her heart out and even broke a stiletto!

The clothes & Set…

She did the crazy shoulder pads that I happen to hate, she also paraded around in her pants SEVERAL times, but my favourite outfit that blew me away…

She looked truly like an a ice princess :)

All in all an amazing night.

P.S A trip to London…means that inevitable trip to Krispy Kreme!


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