The Goddess Experience – I’m in Heaven Literally!

A few weeks ago I blogged about 'The Cheap Date Guide To Style' appearing in Poundland. Well it is a known fact I am a bargain hunter by heart and love the thrill of finding a bargain. The other side of me is caught up in a creative daydream most of the time, I studied art for a number of years, and I think there will always be some sort of art/craft in my blood.

Well a trip to my local Poundland has come up trumps yet again. I thought I would nip in to see if they had anything new. I headed straight to the book section and noticed there were some new books amongst the stand. I carefully looked through, and then spotted 'The Goddess Experience'. I knew from the title it was not a fiction book, but yes believe it or not another girly manual/style guide!

Flicking through I was instantly drawn in. It wasn’t until I got home and sneaked a peek underneath the dust cover, and discovered the most beautiful and exciting hardback cover ever! (Yes I know I judge books by there covers, but I just love pretty aesthetics...the small things really do make a difference)

I still can’t believe this was only a £1, the rrp price on the inside cover is £16.99!

All in all, I am super impressed and cannot wait to get this read! :)


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