A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness

The title quite literally says it all.

I cannot quite believe I am writing this, but there is a 3rd set of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes being released. I fell over this spell twice before and am literally trying not to this time, but how can I not with bottles this cute and then I realise it’s Gwen Stefani and I have this complete and utter want for these.

Sunshine cuties?
My boyfriend reminds me that if I was (not that I am going to…) ever purchase these, once the perfume has ran out, I will then own 15 empty bottles, that are infact moulded the exact same way just decorated differently.

I am yet to see these in real, but I am slightly annoyed that these have been released in what seems like less than a year than the originals, I remember when I collected the Anna Sui Dolly Girls, waiting for the next one to be released was exciting and fun, but with these it’s always the set of 5 and 3 different collections being released in no more than a year is a tad ridiculous.

But then again I will always heart you Gwen Stefani and everything Harajuku related.


  1. aeh tooo cute i have to have lol i loved the snow collection but this one looks even better yay

  2. They are so adorable! I think you should get them ;)

  3. I think i suffer from the cuteness too ;) x

  4. Aw, how adorable! I always think there's something infinitely collectable about perfume bottles - you could do it forever, until your house was filled with them! And you'd always smell delicious. :)

  5. They do look really sweet, I liked a few fragrances, but some are sooooo sweet it's almost sickly!


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