Best Kept Secrets- Part 1

I’m in the process of trying to downsize my possessions. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task, but I guess there’s only so much you can keep.
After sorting through a massive box of junk…sigh, I was glad to find a few things that have always made me smile :)

Charm Bracelets

My love affair with charm bracelets started at a young age, I was bought this Polly Pocket one many many moons ago, and no surprises it ended up broken, but I somehow have managed to save all the pieces all this time. I love how the dollies have got hooks, I did once think about re attaching these to a new chain, but then again I think part of me just likes the memories that are attached to this.

This to date has to be one of my favourite things ever. I got this from H&M when it first opened, a good 5 years ago or so it was ridiculously cheap something like £2.99. My favourite charm has to be the pineapple!

Johnny Loves Rosie
I got this a few years ago at Christmas, however it’s shelf life was limited, it began to rust almost straight away, but I still love all the charms, theres even a hidden lipgloss lurking in the locket one.

I got this from River Island a very long time ago, again another favourite of mine. Some of the charms have fallen off but I just love the design. So cute.

I've come over all nostalgic now! Does anyobdy else hoard? Have a box for special stuff tucked far away?


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