Style Discovery- Anna Brewster

I first fell in love with this girl’s style a few years back. It was in a small show on E4 called Nearly Famous, that nobody seems to recall, but believe me I was fascinated. Whether it was those quirky jumpsuits or that gold sequinned headband (that had me for weeks scouring every single shop for one). I just remember being simply mesmerized.

I knew very little about this actress, it wasn’t until I sat down and watched the new BBC programme Material Girl, that I straight away recognised the face of the somewhat ditzy and disorganised catwalk model Lydia. It was Anna Brewster. I’m so glad this girls back on our screens, and hope that her acting career is on the rise.

Fashion wise, it’s a little more grown up and super stylish, I truly believe this girl can look good in anything. She has the natural ability to make an outfit work. Her hair is always different too, there’s always something going on.

I’m so inspired :)

Has anybody else heard of Anna?


  1. Omg, I LOVED Nearly Famous!! So sad when it ended, I actually cried at the last episode :( Leila & Owen foreverrrrrrrrrr haha :) xxx

  2. I LOOOOOOVED that show!! i cried at the end too lol.
    i am still in love with aaron johnson (owen) now and have watched angus thongs and perfect snogging sooo many times haha


  3. I recognised her in Material Girl the other night too - had to Google it then remembered Nearly Famous! Such a good show and she totally stole it with her fab outfits!

  4. What a great show nearly famous was! And thanks to Kate's fashion sense in the show it kinda made my style just like it! She can always good in anything:)


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