The Boots Sale...

Well I do like a good sale bargain or two. So the original plan was to barricade Boots first thing on Boxing Day (to ensure maximum chance of getting the bargains)
However discovering the sale items online at on Christmas Day evening put the whole plan in jeopardy. I guess I panicked to say the least, as ‘sold out’ was becoming a common phrase all over the site.
It wasn’t until the items I had pre-planned (remember my catalogue post?) luckily were still in stock online, and of course half the price. After much deliberation, I ordered there and then. The only problem…my order wasn’t being delivered until the 6th January!

So as the saga continued, I happened (begged the boyfriend to take me) to visit Boots a couple of days later, just to see what they had left, no surprises Soap and Glory was completely sold out.

Patiently awaiting my order, but at the same time wishing it would arrive, as one of the items was a travel bag, and I was going away New Years Eve, luck would have it, I received a text at 10:30am on New Years Eve, saying my order was ready to collect.

So shall we see what I chose? :)

Soap and Glory Plane Jane Travel Bag- £9
I simply couldn’t resist this beauty, I love the print, it’s so retro and girly, and I didn’t realise until I opened it had separate sections, which is ideal for travelling. Plus duplicate Soap and Glory products can never be a bad thing can it?

Celia Birtwell Photograph Album- £4 and Make-up Case & Brushes- £6
I’ve always had a thing for Celia Birtwells exquisite textile designs and was due a new make-up bag/brushes. The photograph album I am simply in love with and cannot stop dreaming of all the lovely things I’m going to put inside.

Bobbypin Lip glosses- £2.50
Cute and collectable :)

Harajuku Lovers ‘G’ and Baby £6.25 each
Ahhh I just knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in and bought these. Baring in mind I own the whole original set and these are the exact same scent… but what’s a girl do when her idol launches the cutest perfume bottles in the whole wide world.


  1. Wow, you found some great things. Im loving the Soap & Glory Plane Jane Travel Bag for just £9 :D.

  2. I Love the Boots New Year sale! you did well (^_^)

  3. For some reason this year, I have totally ignored the boots sale but after seeing this I am so tempted! Great bargains!

    Thank you so much for your kind comment! It's really nice to hear that someone enjoys reading my writing. And the Cath Kidston umbrella..I want one! Haha. My boyfriend is so scared of all my floral stuff, he think's i'm a little bit insane! :) x

  4. I got a S&G hat box just before Christmas and decided that would be enough for me... but ah! Plane Jane! I just love the puns they use.

    Fab sale bargains!

  5. lovely i gave the jane plane kit to my sister would of got myself one but i near enough have all the things in there and im saving the pennies haha :)
    great blog check out mine if you'd like

    Eloise xoxo

  6. Love the perfume bottles they are so pretty cant believe they are such good value!! Also love what uve written about urself in ur profile i cld literally copy it word for word on mine! love magazines love my bf love retro vintage :) xo

  7. Lovely purchases! I think I need some soap and glory in my life hehe xo


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