Sales Report: Not quite over just yet

A good way through January and I am happy to report the sales are still in there RIFE. Ok admittedly the real sought after goodies are gone, and the displays may be a little messy by now, but fear not there are still bargains to be had.

Plus there’s also the possibility of finding the end of line clearance (the stuff they practically will give away) which obviously means bargains galore.

Here are a few bits I’ve picked up over the past week :)

Russion Doll Stickers 45p Accessorize/Name Labels 50p Paperchase

The renowned Russian doll stickers, I do fully intend to use these but for 45p seriously just to look at and admire the cuteness is surely worth while.

Slightly too late on the Paperchase sale, however I did manage to scrounge these cute name labels. Again full intentions on using these. We all should have time for unicorns and pretty things in our lives, and if it’s by decorating a book cover then I’m happy.

Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner- 99p

This was in a very big box with clearance cosmetics in Superdrug. All Eyeko has been deducted to 99p in this particular store, I am slightly concerned that Eyeko has possibly been discontinued but at the same time happy I snapped this up at £1!

Stargazer Eyeshadow 50p -Newlook

I couldn’t resist purchasing, even if this brand was the highlight of my teen years. I really do like the shade.

Book £2 - Publishers Book Clearance

Backwards In High Heels, this was a complete random purchase (this happens a lot, hence why I have a pile of books still waiting to read but what can a girl do). I was in a clearance book shop and this was just on the end of an aisle and in all honesty it was the cover that attracted my attention. I love flowers and I love illustrations.
The book itself is proving quite an interesting read. I am only on page 4 but I will let you know more once I’m further along!


  1. Great sale goodies!
    Love those stickers, so cute. Seen a few of them picked up through the sales.
    The sales in shops near me are reduced to piles of stuff everywhere and make up smashed up or half used!

    I've never used the eyeko stuff, do you rate it?

  2. Lol sale madness!!

    I haven't tried it yet, I have only just literally got it but hoping it works!
    I love there mascara, but was disapointed with there concealer. Eyeko 100% for cuteness, about 60% for product quality.


  3. Great sale bits, i can never resist buying things i Paperchase, i love it! xx

  4. I always judge books by their covers! Tsk, so naughty of me. Great buys!

  5. how do you like that eyeliner? great purchases!!!

  6. What good bargains! Ive spotted that book before, amazing you got it so cheap. If you like it you should read 'A Year In High Heels' and 'How To Walk In High Heels' - both by the same author and Im assuming its along the same lines as the one youve just bought. Some sort of girlie bible :) xx

  7. I got the same russian doll stickers but mine were 75p hehe in the 50% off sale. I should've held out for the 70% off sale lol! I didn't actually know they did that doh. Love you other cute goodies too :) x

  8. Aw, I've wanted the eyeko magic eyeliner for ages and then you go and get it for 99p. Hmph! Lovely post though, please come follow me :) xxx

  9. you got some great little bargains, i've usually given up by this time! i love anything with russian dolls.


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