A few of my favourite charity shop finds

The key to finding a treasure in a charity shop is patience. It takes a lot of rummaging, sorting through and ultimately full concentration on the task ahead. But all in all I have had some quite memorable finds.

Here are a few of my all time favourites…

Tapestry Purse
I have always longed to own a tapestry item. I remember owning an H&M handbag a few years ago. But to own something with a little vintage twist, well I was drawn to this purse immediately. I love the compactness and I love the print. It also reminds me of Anna Sui, the colour palette is so similar to that of the packaging of some of their cosmetics. And this was a snip at 99p.

Cameo Necklace and Brooch
I am always on the look out for Cameo’s. I love the theme; it makes me think of royalty and a classy woman who wears exquisite perfume. I got the brooch for 50p, I remember my mum spotting it amidst literal junk hunk up on a notice board. I love how it’s classic monochrome, it’s simple yet perfect the way it is.

The necklace is a lot more traditional and seriously how can a girl be denied pearls? I paid around £3 for this, which is not bad for an item I really do love owning.

Tartan Gloves
Okay I admit to this day, I have never worn these. BUT I still feel the need to have them. I like how there not the classic red tartan, but still remain quirky. They also fit like a ‘glove’ too. I think I paid around £1.50.

Pocket Mirror
This was a present from my Mum, but she got it from a Charity Shop :) It’s so me, and I love how natty it is. I am always terrified of damaging it, if you look really carefully the design is so elegantly made up of amazing embroidery.

The thing I love most about these items is that there not mass produced anymore, and they feel personal to me because I chose to bring them into my collection. I love collecting and scouring charity shops, purely because you never know what you may find x


  1. you have some really cute things there! im always tempted to have a rummage around charity shops but i never have the patience. maybe that could be a new years resolution for me :D

  2. My thoughts exactly. Very pretty items and great bargains (and good for the envirnment and good for the charity you ought them off). Love the mirror :) Emma x

  3. Such amazing finds. I love the tapestry purse and those cameos! I LOVE cameos.

    You've inspired me to visit some charity shops next weekend!

  4. oh my god, loooveeee the broach! x

  5. They are gorgeous. I love vintage things...so much nicer than mass produced. :) x

  6. Wow, these are excellent finds! My locals only seem to supply 70's food processors and cheap Primark necklaces!

  7. Awesome finds :) carboot sales are always a winner too! x

  8. There great finds! :)

    I have nominated you for a blog award on my blog! :) XO


  9. oh to go on a thrifting adventure with you :)

    cute blog! x


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