Cue the Popcorn

What with all the snow and mayhem, what better excuse than to snuggle up on the settee and watch some movies :)

Quantum Of Solace- Yes Bond…James Bond! Ha, this is slightly out the ordinary for me as I have never had a real interest in Bond films or anything of the kind. Maybe it’s a certain Mr Craig stepping into the tux that just changes the whole appeal. I first saw Casino Royale a couple of weeks back and have been itching to watch this ever since. And now I want to watch Casino Royale again.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno- I saw this when it first came out and fell helplessly in love with Seth Rogens loveable charm. I managed to pick it up super cheap in the sales and have slightly fallen all over again. It’s such a daft film but its super romantic, and just a feel good film.

Juno- One of my favourite films EVER. This is so quirky and again I love the story. It’s just nice and makes me happy. Combined with an amazing soundtrack and the coolest opening sequence (illustration heaven). I would literally surrender my heart for this film! And one day I WILL own that burger phone.


  1. juno is great, i love ellen page so much. She's in this new film directed by drew barrymore called whip it, which looks amazing and i cant wait! x

  2. I just got Juno the other day in the HMV sale.
    You can get the burger phone from Urban Outfitters! I bought a burger sponge :P

  3. I've had a burger phone sitting in a box for so long!! Juno made it cool, and I must get a landline properly set up to showcase it.
    Great films, I love Zack & Miri, and a bit of Daniel Craig will never be a bad thing.

    X x

  4. juno is amazing, i have a burger phone too haha :D they are so fun. michael cera is adorable in the movie.

    zach & miri make a porno is hilarious!

  5. Ahh, what a great idea, sofa time is the best time when it's freezy.

    I didn't really find Juno that interesting tbh, but I think I was comparing Michael Cera as George Michael in Arrested Development, that show always chhers me up!


  6. How much do I love and adore Juno? It's wizard!!

    Also love Seth Rogen. I think we'd have a blast watching movies together! :)

  7. Juno is a great film. Love it too :)

    Have a great day.

  8. oh i love all of those movies! xx

  9. Me and you seem to have very very similar taste in movies. Juno and Ghost World are my 'go to' movies when I want a bit of me time/cheering up. I love the kitsch American-ness of them both. I seriously want a burger phone!


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