Monday, 4 January 2010

A Cheap Date Guide To Style...Literally

I first heard about this book a few years ago, it had been mentioned in Elle magazine as being quite a quirky read, the only problem was trying to track it down. I eventually managed to order it off I remember paying about £12.

2/3 years later I am glad to say, it has been worth every penny. It’s a great little book that I am always referring back to. I must admit the first time I picked it up, even I was unfamiliar with the layout and way it was presented. It was almost like a fashion project. However this is why I love this book, it’s quirky and different to any other style ‘manual’ I have ever read and believe me I’ve got through a few.

It’s not telling you what to wear (Trinny and Susannah style) it’s just telling you to embrace individuality and mix it up a little. From thrifting to Karl Lagerfeld, there’s allsorts in here, interviews, a-z’s, a whole section dedicated to ‘inspiration’ and lots of fun pictures. It also bravely asks ‘what makes someone stylish?’ with a whole variety of responses throughout the book.

Apart from recommending this book I have the strangest story to share with you. I was in my local poundland, which is always going to be strange let’s admit it. But I was browsing the quite small book section, and what was on the shelf, but this VERY BOOK! I couldn’t believe it!

I have no qualms with Poundland, just shocked this book turned up in there, when I originally had trouble tracking it down in the first place. I know if I hadn’t already owned this book, it would have been the best bargain ever!
I strongly suggest if you have a Poundland near you, go check this book out, £1 you will not regret it :)

Has anyone else read this book?


  1. WOW!! And i just checked amazon & its going as £9.06 on there - seriously can't believe it could be in Poundland haha! Thank you for this post :D x

  2. I'm in PoundLand a lot cuz of there BIG Toblerone's for £1! (Though I'm trying to stop that lol). So I will defo keep an eye out for this, ty :) x

  3. Haha, thats crazy! It looks like s really fab book from what youve said, I think I may need to venture into poundland and have a look. Thanks for sharing :) x

  4. I'm so there tomorrow! I work right near a massive one so hopefully will be able to find it. It sounds like a great read.

    I really do love Poundland - so good for branded cosmetics and toiletries repackaged! Look out for the Pure range, which is Boots' Botanics with a different face. ;)

  5. oh! it seems interesting...

  6. Lol I picked it up at pound land a few weeks ago and am enjoying reading it at the mo!

  7. i nominated you for an award, check it out on my blog xx :)

  8. What a strange considence! I dont know what is poundland (none in Canada) but I would have definitly check it out! Sound like a great deal!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  9. I meant to tell you, I've been to Pound Land twice in the last few days and cannot get hold of this book! But I'm not too sad - I picked up some amazing stuff to ease the pain. Will keep checking back, though! :)

  10. that looks like such an interesting book!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  11. I didn't even know they sold books in Poundland. Genius!

  12. I know this is an ancient post, but just had to say I found this book in Poundland - agree it's quite a good read!


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