Cartoons: Are You Crazy?

What is it about cartoons that appeal to children (grown ups) for me I guess it was the appeal from a young age that has never really gone away. The fascination and escapism is just something I delve into and never want to escape from. I think it’s interesting how brands such as the two I’m about to mention have become even relevant in fashion.

Hello Kitty
This kitty has always been a favourite of mine, long before I even became enthralled by the real life species. At first I remember it being very hard to get hold of, I loved discovering something and I particularly loved the stationary, I remember scouring Claire’s Accessories in my early teens.
Nowadays Hello Kitty can be found everywhere, at first I thought this was a bad thing, ‘selling out’ kind of feeling but I don’t know it’s nice to be reminded of how wonderful and cute the Sanrio brand is. Not to mention a certain MAC collection last year.
A few of my old favourite items remain at the midst of my collection/junk.

Emily Strange
The ‘Goth’ one. Now let’s admit we all went through the Emily phase. Who didn’t want to have black hair, and four cats, and a slightly unwelcoming persona? The thing with Emily she has that air of mystery, you think you know everything about her, but really you know nothing at all.
Yes I really am talking about her as if she was real!
Well Emily will always be a favourite of mine, however old I get, I think I will always have that grumpy / leave me alone ‘Emily’ bad day every now and again. These are just the last few things of a VERY large collection from an (obsessed) fan I once was.
I simply cannot part with. x


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