Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Inspire Me

I seem to be so uninspired lately. It seems I've spent a lot of time enjoying make-up & fragrances, that I’ve become less and less interested in clothes and fashion. I'd like to think there's a way I can mix the two.

(I decided to try out Polyvore, it's a tad quicker than the t'old scrapbook)

I absolutely adore Barbara Hulanicki's new collection for Topshop. The illustrations are so intriguing and I think the cut of the clothes compliment the quirkiness, whilst the colours remain neutral :)

Other bits and pieces, I'm craving Stila cosmetics and I’ve still not purchased that much longed for Benefits Dandelion blush.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Primark much?

Love it or loathe it Primark is one of the leading retailers on the high street. Cheap fashion as it seems, this shop has just got more and more popular in the past few years.

Me personally I don't know, sometimes I can go to Primark pick up a £2 top and be happy. But other times I can be stood in the midst of chaos, clothes scattered across the floor, annoying customers and in general an uninspiring place to be. Not forgetting that certain documentary exposing the poor kids slaving away making the clothes we take for granted.

It's cheap and affordable, what with the credit crunch and everything. There's nothing unique about Primark but then again there's nothing more unique about Topshop, you still get the fashion hungry youngsters. Whether it is skinny jeans, headbands, them bold print bags, it's all there.

I think what concerns me the most is the fact that nothing is ever a secret. If you wear Primark, everyone knows. Sometimes I really do worry about this fact too much, and this week I was proven surprisingly wrong. Having been living between a black patent bag I got for Christmas and a Roxy shoulder bag, I had been craving a new handbag for a while now.

Don't get me wrong in my heart of hearts I have the desire for a quilted Chanel or even a nifty Paul’s Boutique. I just never seem to be able to justify having an expensive bag. I happened to be in Primark trying to source a jacket, but that’s another story. I walked past the reduced rail, mainly hats, scarf’s and discarded jewellery piled up, and this one bag hung with an alarming red strike down the tag... £1.

It had been discounted by £7, from its modest £8 price tag to a steal at a £1. Lucky for me I had a gold coin in my purse. You know I haven't put it down since the moment I bought it.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Goodbye Harajuku?

So anyone who knows me may be aware I have a bit of a thing for all things Harajuku. I like cute things, and I happen to have loved Gwen Stefani for many many years, old school No Doubt and all :)

I think there comes a time when you relise a huge plastic display globe(not so cute) is actually worth more on ebay than on my already hectic dressing table.
I feel mean. I feel guilty. I feel like this could possibly be me betraying Gwen, but then again my perfumes are the tiny 10mls afterall....therefore the globe is useless.

One went for £77 the other day.

Wish me luck
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