Tuesday, 31 March 2009


So somewhere in-between sorting some old boxes from the garage out, I shockingly found an old Polaroid photograph of myself. It’s strange I didn’t even remember the photo existed until it was right there in front of me. I’m not the biggest fan of photos at the best of time, but this really gave me one of those shivers down the spine feelings.

Since this afternoon it’s been on my mind, the picture just represents so much, and as much as I wanted to rip it up and chuck it out with the other rubbish, the more I looked at it the more I began thinking. This photograph was taken when I was fifteen; I was on my way to a concert at my school. It wasn’t such a bad night, but I remember wishing I was dancing with the cool people (as opposed to sitting at the back of the hall, like a lonely sole)

Fashion scares me, I admit that. I’m one of them people who can’t concentrate properly if I’m wearing something crap or in other words, I feel fat/uncomfortable in. Which as it happens is 90% of the time.

When I look at the clothes I’m wearing on this photo, I think 3 things.
1) So that’s when the scarf thing started
2) Why is that jacket still hung in my wardrobe
3) I look a god awful mess

5years on, I would like to say I don’t dress like this, but who knows.
Appearances and self-confidence can be shattering, especially when you’re younger. I think the only way to be confident with appearance, is to be happy with your body the way it is.

No matter what anyone says, if someone were to say I looked nice, I would still think the opposite.
I guess it’s something that maybe will never go away complelty, but I think there’s so many girls out there at some point in there life’s, that go through the not fitting in stage and low self confidence.

Role on the 20s.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Be Somebody

These two.

I just can't get enough .


Sunday, 8 March 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

Finally the Hello Kitty collection arrived in the UK on Thursday. I managed to get there early Friday morning with my Mum and luckily nothing was sold out, all the way there I was convinced it was going to be. I was a bit disappointed that they barely had any of the accessories in my store, but maybe that was a good thing, then I couldn’t have been swayed into buying one.

I got the ‘Tippy’ blush, which I wanted from the off, and know I wouldn’t of been happy without. I’m new to blush, so this should be exciting, plus the packaging makes my heart melt, every time I see it.

Originally I was going to limit myself to just the one product, but my friend had recommended the lip conditioner, and even though I was annoyed at the price, I remembered it was MAC after all. That aside when I did come face to face with the collection, the lip conditioners really stood out. I chose the sought after ‘Pink Fish’, told the woman I wanted ‘Pink Fish’, got home and ‘Popster’ is sat in my MAC carrier bag.

I must admit I was pretty annoyed, because you go to MAC to buy good quality makeup and when you get given the wrong product, it is more than disheartening. I was all set for marching back down to MAC and demanding ‘Pink Fish’, even if it had sold out. Then in typical me fashion, I somehow came round to the idea of actually liking ‘Popster’. It’s a lot deeper shade and I already have a selection of pink balms, glosses, etc.

I forgot how much I love Hello Kitty, I know I have a bit of a thing for cats, but I really love old school HK Saniro stuff. It’s a bit of a craze these days but I like collecting unusual pieces.

Packaging wise they could have gone all pink and girly, or even red to go back to original Saniro roots, but I think just going for pink and black is effective in some ways. Ultimately it has MAC written all over it.

Hello Kitty and MAC collaborating for me seems a little too easy, but saying that I’m not saying its a bad collection at all. It’s predictable but it works and I like it.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Night Of Fancy

Being somewhat of an Anna Sui fanatic, the excitement of the launch of a new fragrance should have been exciting. I think this might have been spoilt, due to the fact I had heard about this coming out a while ago, and with all the Harajuku madness last month, I think it’s come out at a bad time for me perfume wise.

Not that anything will ever replace my admiration for Anna Sui; I just don’t think I’m too bothered about this one, for now at least. I picked up a 6m sample at Superdrug; it’s a pleasant scent but nothing-breathtaking original. I don’t know I think I’ve grown up with Anna Sui in my life for so long, it’s hard for me to find one of there newer releases as exciting as the originals.

I really do love Anna Sui, and my Dolly Girls still have permanent residence on the dressing table, but I think it’s time I explored more perfumes.

Night Of Fancy is an addition to the original Flight of Fancy, which I bought around this time last year. I fell in love with the whole Flight of Fancy campaign and packaging but there really is nothing new here. Perfume aside, the box; bottle and design are identical, apart from a colour change and a few illustrations. I know this is a common trend in perfume design but it is always nice to see something completely brand new from time to time.

I love the peacock design, it’s actually amazing.
I think I can appreciate the sample enough, without having to go buy the £20 bottle.
It’s Anna Sui, it’s always going to be a dream.

Hopefully there’ll be something brand new from Anna Sui next year.
I definitely still have Harajuku on the brain.

Shadow and Lips

So having had a slight absence lately, due to spending time with a certain someone... I have finally managed to get updated.

Bought a few bits and pieces lately, mainly make-up, nothing expensive or extravagant, though the release of Hello Kitty MAC in just a few days is irritating me. I have about £15, and that’s pushing it, so who knows. My heart will melt when I see the collection, I know it, and I guess maybe I should just be grateful I can visit the collection and admire how pretty it is.

So I picked 8 eye shadows up super cheap. 50p each. And the shop assistant only scanned through 7, so turns out I only paid £3.50 for this bunch!

Don’t get me wrong I know these aren’t the best quality brand wise, and pigment wise, but I’m actually a sucker for a bargain and at the end of the day if it’s the wrong colour or texture, it’s not a disappointment when you only paid such a small price in the first place.

I got 2 w7 eye shadows in Damask and Rosewood.
I thought the packaging was unusual and I love neutral colours atm, definitely worth getting.

2 Margaret Astor eye shadows- in Apricot and Cassis. Never heard of this brand, but the colours looked intriguing, however the Cassis fell apart literally when I opened it up, the lid wasn’t on properly and it all crumbled. Managed to save part of it.

4 Lizzie Shadows – These shades don’t even have names! May reflect how cheap of brand Lizzie actually is. But I like trying out new colours and these are great for experimenting.

Also picked up a couple of lipsticks :)

The notorious Darling (134) by GOSH. A lot easier to apply than BarryMs lip paints, a real nice texture. I like this lipstick a lot, a bit more expensive but definitely worth it.


2True Glossy wear Lipstick in number (2) a really nice vibrant pink, completely duped Barry Ms 100. Really cheap this and a nice coverage.

I stumbled across this like 5minutes after I had bought the 2True, it’s Bourjois Paris, in Rose Eclat (19) Again the bright pink I was on the hunt for, but this has a tiny mix of glitter in, just couldn’t resist.

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