Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness

I finally have the girls. The wait is offically over.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Makeup Buys

Just a quick visit whilst my Mum was doing the supermarket shop. Give me Superdrug over Tesco any day.

Eyeko Mascara

I have wanted this for a while now, cute brand, cute packaging, pretty much everything that usually draws me in. It will be interesting to see how it lives up to mascara standards; just hoping the squeeze tube isn’t a bad sign.

Maybelline – Pure Minerals

I’ve taken a bit of a chance with these as they’re new out. I’m pretty fond of my Pure Blush mineral, so if that is anything to go by. Plus Dream Matte is causing me too much distress at the moment, so I’m open for something new.

Smackers set

Because I’m a 10 year old at heart. This was only like £2, I already have one of the glosses in a different flavour, so it was worth buying for that. The green smoothie mix is heading straight for my bin mind, not my lips.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


When The OC took an early departure off our screens, after just four seasons, I think it left a gap for something else. When I heard about Beverly Hills 90210 returning, I was a little unsure whether I would like it, I hadn’t seen the 90s version and I didn’t really know much about the show at all. The sound of Weezer’s annoying yet relevant track ‘Beverly Hills’ on all the teaser adverts, was quite convincing, so last night I sat down with my television and watched the return of 90210.

As much as I feel silly saying this, after only forty-five minutes, I was glued to my screen. Baring in mind I was possibly on the verge of becoming an OC super fan back in the day, it wasn’t hard to see comparisons, not that this is a bad thing though. Naomi’s presence as Miss Popular echoed Marissa’s debut in Orange County, the Chanel handbags, not to mention the Chanel earrings and the supposed perfect boyfriend cheating on her, Marissa Cooper anyone?

Annie the main female character seemed and looked a lot older than her supposed 15years, but I guess that’s what happens when a show like this gets cast. Her miniature figure was a little unnatural. Interesting how by the end of the first two episodes she has two guys pining after her, one beating the other to her tongue only be seconds. And this is only the beginning.

The presence of complicated parent storylines also had a familiar feel. A secret child that was put up for adoption, we are yet to find out whom. I thought the teacher guy was interesting, his sarcasm and wit towards his pupils, and underneath it all caring nature reminded me of Ryan Goslings character in Half Nelson, a surprise find of a film.

Adrianna, the girl with the drug problems is an accident waiting to happen clearly. I noticed the decline of her appearance and red eyes throughout the episodes. Though I did think it was a very pretty actress playing her, she reminds me of a young Nelly Furtado. And who knew people used books to deliver drugs.

Expect more posts in the coming weeks.

Monday, 26 January 2009


Evan Rachel Wood at the The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, looked stunning. I think the one-shoulder dress by Monique Lhuillier looks perfect, it's formal and ladylike, and simply gorgous on her. The accessories add a quirky touch and keep it looking young.

I think I like this girl you know. I feel sometimes she gets a lot of negative stuff said about her, when really half of the people who slate her, probably don't actually know her personally, so are completly making judgements that are based on what the press tells us.

I think the whole Manson affair was maybe a little odd for a while, but you should respect her private life. I love Dita Von Teese, but this shouldn't make me not like Evan. They are two completly different people, and I think Evan deserves a chance, especially now, as she is no longer even with Manson.

Anyhow, to the important stuff. Fashion.

I think when this girl gets it's wrong, she gets it so wrong it's a nightmare. But when she gets it right, she smashes it. It's a dangerous way to live, but the bigger the risk the bigger the gain.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


One of my childhood friends was Mary Kate and Ashley mad, but I never really got into it. I remember her lending me Switching Goals, and persuading me to watch it. I turned it off half way through, and the next day telling her I’d really enjoyed it.

So I think now as a young woman, I am making up on the Mary Kate and Ashley fascination. I seriously stand by the idea that growing up, lets you grow into your style. As a teenager, you go through so much experimental stages in fashion. You try to fit in, you try to not, you try to shock, and you try to look older than you should. It’s all an experiment, if my personal experiences are anything to go by.

Therefore I believe that there is a certain moment in a woman’s life, when she hits the fashion jackpot. (I haven’t got there yet) Right now these two twins have it. They’re living, breathing it everyday.

What I admire most about there styles is it all seems so effortless. There is nothing worse than being over styled. They have a modern look, with there own variations going on. They always keep it clean, there’s a fine line between being edgy and looking trashy. These girls embrace fashion, even on the dressed down days.

After countless visits to Waterstones and enquiries to abrupt staff, it appears that shops just don’t stock this book. So I finally enlisted play, but once I had placed my order, I got a disappointing email saying it had gone out of stock. Apparently not only me was eager to get this book. So late January, I finally have this book delivered to my doorstep.

I must admit the format was not what I expected at all. And the size of the book itself was surprising, a real coffee top table book. I usually carry books around in my bag, but I would need one hell of a sack to carry this around. The quantity of fashion in this book is borderline dangerous, for an addict like me. The old rule, it’s quality not quantity is completely irrelevant here, because you overdose on both.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion, because love them or loathe them Mary Kate and Ashley know a thing or two about this industry. This book interviews a whole selection of leading designers, artists, and creative people. I also recommend this book to anyone who is a self confessed Olsen fan, new or old, because this shows how far these two girls have come. And ultimately how naturally beautiful they really are.

There are some nice personal touches like the Polaroid photos and surprisingly messy handwriting. This book is influential, as corny as it may sound, it really does live up to it’s title ‘Influence’

I just feel like this is a book that I can keep going back to and get different things from. This is a carefully put together project by the Olsen’s and you can genuinely feel the passion they have for the fashion industry.

Go read.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ice Queen?

Lily’s hat.
I know I’m a couple of days behind on this, but I will say the hat is something of a fashion statement. I like it on her, but if it's real fur, she's a bit of an idiot. I would never wear real fur, it's just unattractive and morally wrong.

Putting the hat aside, the whole outfit is pretty much pristine styling. From the boy fit jeans, the plain white vest and what looks like a Chanel jacket. It works perfectly. The accessories completely make it, the chain dangled over the vest is so eye-catching and the bag is just effortless.

Makeup wise, it shouldn’t work, black nails and red lips on a casual look, but it does.

Love Lily.

Walk Of Life

So a few months ago my mum was clearing some stuff out and she gave me these Adidas trainers, brand new, she'd never got round to wearing. The last time I wore trainers was probably before the millennium, so realistically I had no use for these.

Secondly I don’t quite know who in their right mind would wear something so bright and ultimately garish. Baring in mind these were meant for 1999 fashion.

Well anyhow somewhere between my flickr and a man who likes trainers? I got a buyer for them. I was a little confused to why he would want them, as they weren’t his size, but as a friend pointed out, if they genuinely make somebody else happy then it's a good thing.

I have been trying to sort a lot of things out recently, anyone who knows me knows I hoard by nature. But recently it seems like I can finally let go of things, at the end of the day in our life’s we should only keep the things that make us happy and that we need. The things I have been getting rid of have gone to charity, which all in all is a good thing as well.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Makeup Buys

I think I could be getting quite fond of makeup. Recently I’ve been trying out products and brands I would never have before. It’s been a real eye-opener, because some live up to expectations and some simply don’t. I don’t have a big budget to spend on makeup, but I try to get the best value for my money. And this week in particular I think I’ve nabbed some bargains!

1) Urban Decay – Lube In A Tube £1 (Pound Land)

I was shocked and mortified when I spied Urban Decay in my local pound store. It is disheartening to think however big your brand; you can still end up in the bargain bin. However these were limited edition tubes, that may have out stayed there welcome on the cosmetic shelves of Department stores.

I am not a big fan of Urban Decay lip products; I think the eye shadows win hands down any day. So there wasn’t any urgency or real need to buy these, but Urban Decay at a £1 simply doesn’t happen often.

Having tried the balms I think the amount that actually comes out is a bit of a disappointment. Miami is a not so nice flavour; L.A is tolerable, by no means a favourite. I will say the packaging is pretty cute, as per with UD, cartoon like images and all.

Verdict- Cheap price. Cheap Product. Would not of been happy if I had paid usual UD prices.

2) Anna Sui- Fard a Paupieres- 100 Eye Colour (£1.04 Ebay)

I have been in love with this brand for half a decade now. I simply find everything about Anna Sui mesmerizing, from the quirky Dolly Girl series to the exquisite folklore prints. I religiously have collected the perfumes and promotional gifts that have come out each time. However I have never, until now tried any of the beauty products. Simply because I wasn’t able to get hold of them, so when my friend stumbled across this on ebay, it was all a little too good to be true.

My biggest fear on ebay, is last minute bidders, when infact I am the classic last minute bidder.
Sometimes I leave it so late that there’s only seconds in it. So I wasn’t expecting to win this item at all, so when I did at the price I did, it was a pretty good buy.

I must admit this lives up to Anna Sui standards. Call me bias but this packaging literally makes my heart melt. Pictured with my Classic Anna Sui, it’s from the trademark black packaging, no gimmicks in site.
The eye shadow is very light, and looks a little pale alone, but mixed together it creates quite a subtle but sensual look.

Verdict – Dream purchase

3) Lancôme- 99p each (Superdrug)

Now this is possibly one of the most amazing buys I’ve stumbled across EVER. It was like literally finding hidden treasure. I was in my local Superdrug today by chance, and having a quick browse, I found a clearance rail labelled up as ‘everything 99p’ so when I spied a green basket on the shelf, filled with silver boxes, I didn’t believe it until I reached inside and saw Lancôme!

I was rummaging so chaotically I think fellow shoppers wondered what they were missing out on. There were about 20 lipsticks so I wasn’t worried about someone finding them before me. There was only one single shadow in ‘Pearly Green’ which no surprises was straight in my basket. I also managed to find 2 Juicy Tubes, which immediately rang alarm bells in my head, as these seem to pop up everywhere in magazines, beauty reviews etc. So they too headed straight to the basket.
I then picked up a Sweet Balm, as the packaging slightly won me over a little on this one

I finally then went through the Le Rouge Absolu lipsticks one by one, checking through the codes carefully. I decided upon 309 ‘Rhodolite Rose’, a deep and vibrant pink, something I don’t have in my collection. I was tempered with a pillar-box red shade, but the last time I wore red lips wasn’t great.

So all in all I think I got a good selection. I’ve just been looking online and the
lipsticks are retailing at £18. And the sought after Juicy tubes £13.
To think I got 5 Lancôme items for £4.95 is just mind-boggling!!

Verdict- Superdrug are having one hell of a clearout.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


So I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that I have wanted for a long time.

When I was younger I used to make a scrapbook type catalogue full of all the things I wanted. That might sound quite demanding, but put it this way I didn’t get any of the things that I put in that book. It was more of a visual place that stored all these amazing things. Even though they were only photographs, it still was nice to have them.

Well one certain item happens to be the Pupa ‘Puposka’ I’m presuming I first heard about these in the teen mags I was reading at the time. (J-17, Bliss etc) I know I never saw one in real life, though I remember when Boots used to stock Pupa, and I came face to face with the ice-cream kit.

The thing with the Puposka is primarily the aesthetics. It’s like they hit the nail on the head with this design. It’s so compact and cute at the same time. I mean forgetting that it’s actually a makeup product; I seriously am fascinated with this damn thing.

Having exhausted Google with countless searches, I found this quite interesting take on the whole situtation....

'First there was the Pupa puppet, which was admittedly super cute but still begged the question: Makeup inside a puppet, why? And, also: What drugs are the Pupa designers taking?'

One came up a while ago on ebay, and I remember the bidding going a little crazy, it was brand new in box, which probably attracted even more anxious buyers. I would be happy with new, used, broken anything!

There has to be one out there for me.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thinking Of You

When I saw Katy Perry’s latest video I was defiantly surprised, it was so refreshing and different to her previous tracks. Which I most defiantly think is a good thing, it all seems a lot more grown up and serious, opposed to borderline tacky, verging on a gimmick.

The imagery right from the off sparked a reminder of the film the Notebook for me, which is always going to tug at a heartstring. The whole 1940s setting is so idealistic. The bicycle scene in particular, with Perry laughing and joking was very reminiscent of Noah and Allie, carefree and madly in love.

I’ve always had an eye on Perry’s somewhat quirky style and this video, she gets the approval from me. Her clothes are 100% perfect, from the silk robe, to the lace parasol, it has a slight tilt towards a certain Von Teese, not that this is a bad thing. A lot of people seem to attack somebody as soon as they start dressing in similar styles to other people. I guess I even can hold my hands up to doing this.

At the end of the day fashion is a huge platform, and everyone takes ideas and inspiration from different places.

It’s not often that a video captures my attention for very long, but this has. It’s also nice to see a different side to Katy Perry musically; it shows she is here to stay.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I think it could possibly be some sort of Lily Allen year for me. From stealing her (Nylon cover) hair, I am now in complete utter awe of her latest fashion escapade.

Everyone knows Lily adores Chanel, and look at this beauty she got her hands on. Not even released yet, this bag is going to be quite lusted after I can imagine. It reminds me a little of Timmy Woods quirky Eiffel Tower creation, worn by a certain Miss Bradshaw in a certain movie. Chanel can do no wrong in my opinon, they always get it right and this is possibly one of the cutest things I've seen by them.

The only downside is the £2500 price tag. I think I'll put it on the same list as my black quilted handbag.

It will be interesting to see if theres any highstreet alternatives kicking about, I know Accessorize have a bit of a thing for russian dolls.

Lilly looks great and this bag is 100% her. I'm really temptered to go see her on her upcoming tour, just because it's Lily and she never fails to intrigue me :)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blue For You

So I never ever ever ever ever ever ever wear turquoise shadow.

I think I must just be a sucker for UD. I'm wearing Peace (deluxe)
And the infamous 101...


Saturday, 10 January 2009


I was actually trying to hunt down the Spice lip pencil, and I was greeted with this :)

Friday, 9 January 2009


So today I decided to sort my makeup out, once and for all, out with the old in with the new kind of thing. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent time with a close friend, who has made me seen makeup in a completely different light. I think it has been more than valuable, and I can’t believe how little I actually knew about makeup before this, not saying that I know tons now, but I do have a complete different opinion on makeup than before.

Excuses are usually just things people say when they don’t have a reason for something and I guess my excuse for my makeup ignorance is somewhere between being 16 and covered in the stuff. I did the whole borderline gothic, then later morphing into that dreaded emo. So when I first started using makeup, it was all pretty dark, I remember piling on the blackest of black eyeliner, it was all about the eyeliner (or so I thought).

So growing up, and growing out of trends, I started toning down the studded belts and My Little Pony handbags; I also stopped with the makeup. But instead of discovering a whole new arisen of colours, I practically wiped makeup out of my life. I wore a pathetic excuse for a powder, and literally one specific brown eye shadow. That is about the dullest as makeup gets.

I am no way near the makeup artist, or infact that skilled in applying my makeup. Still working on that certain eye problem… So back to today, I sorted a lot of stuff out and somehow managed to make a boring trolley I was on the verge of throwing out, into a useful place to store my makeup.

If you know me, you will know I’m an absolute kitsch junkie, so no surprises I drafted in a pink plastic tray to display my eye shadows on, and a Japanese doll to just stand amongst the makeup, not forgetting them Cath Kidston bath melts (just for decoration).


Monday, 5 January 2009


I've wanted these for the past 6months and still they seem to be taking forever. Maybe they will make the awkwardness of February more bearable. Who knows.

I know one thing, there a steal at £12.50, every girl needs one(all 5 obviously) on her dressing table.


A week into having short hair, and possibly mad occasions when I forget that it's all gone, I see Peaches too has had the chop...

This girl gets so much grief these days, it's pretty much a tangled web, it's strange to think were both the same age. She is married for one, which I find complelty mind boggling, as I haven't even come close to love in my life.

I know this girl seems to create her own demise, but I started reading her articles in Elle Girl when I was fifteen, I feel like even though all the negativity that surrounds her now, something about her I can emphasise with. She likes fashion, she likes music, I guess she's just living the life of every young girl, just a million more times expensive and explosive.

Her drug issues were typical of a famous offspring, but to be honest I would rather chart her fashion choices than her lifestyle choices, we all make mistakes in life and fashion. The whole Nylon scandal was quite interesting. As a reader of Nylon it sure does break my heart to see Peaches handed a dream job. But she's only doing what any of us would, just some of us don't get given the opportunities she has been given.

I don't know what to say, I just find it so odd how disliked she has become, but at the end of the day she's 19 years old and has plenty of time to find some good in the world and prove people wrong. It has a familiar sound.

Saturday, 3 January 2009


!!!I saw this about 2hours ago and I think I must have stared at the screen for a good half hour in DISBELIEF!!!

So Too Faced have decided to collaborate with Smurfette for a one of a kind collection.

It was released in the states on the 26th, I can't help but pray that this gets released over here (sometime soon). You just know something like this is utterly 100% something I will go and buy and NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT!!

This COMMENT also made me smile :)
"Cartoons seems to be getting a big break in the beauty world"

Friday, 2 January 2009

The little things in life..

So we all know the Dame Edna packaging completley and utterly swayed me over. As shallow as it might sound, packaging and first appearances (product wise not people wise) is very important to me. I guess I just give a lot of attention to detail, maybe borderline obssessive, but I simply notice everything.

So I was sorting through some stuff earlier and found a pile of clothing/accessory tags. Silly as it might sound, I really enjoyed sorting through them. I guess different people collect different things, but to me fashion and beauty is important and I like keeping them as a little reminder. It's funny how some of the tags must be going on 4/5 years old. I don't even own some of the things anymore, that the tags originally came off.

For example the Emily Strange stuff is from a long time ago, but I think personally it's nice that I still have the tag as a keepsake. Plus it beats storing some old tatty t-shirt, thats never going to be seen out again in public.

My fave tag of them all is an EISENEGGER one (top right on pic) this was a high street shop, that ended up being shut down. But the tag is so intriguing and colourful.

I know i'm a hoarder by nature and at times can simply just have too much junk, but these are harmless and hardly take up any room at all.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


It took a long time ...but we got there in the end :)




So my dressing table is the one place that stays tidy. Fact.

I don't know what I would do without mine, it's the place were I put make-up on, the place where perfume comes alive, it's the place where all the magic happens. (or so I like to believe)

Many years of organisation and practice has lead to how it is now.
Too much clutter isn't good, at one time I had about 30 perfume bottles squashed together and couldn't get to anything, so I try to make sure nothings being hidden away.

The perfume I do have on display are the ones i'm currently wearing and the lucky ones, who for them get permanent residence. These predominantly being the Anna Sui Dolly Girls. These are my favourite scents in the whole world.

As for other stuff I tend to display, are generally kitsch bits and pieces. From Hello Kitty to The Powerpuff Girls. One of my best tips is cups and containers, I have plastic but i'm sure any sort of container is a good starting point. My pink Hello Kitty one is perfect to store brushes and eye pencils.

I think I took my inspiration from a variety of places. I mean I love how Edie in Factory Girl has a print of Audrey Hepburn on her dresing table, so when I got the canvas of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys, I knew straight away where I was going to display it. My fan and Harajuku flyer all tye in with my Japaneese influences.

I'm fascinated by packaging and especially bright things. I have allsorts... lipgloss carasouls, jelly bean lip balms, love heart sweets, refresher lollipops.
I definatly have some affection for sweets and candy. Love hearts packaging is my all time fave. ♥


*Have the things that mean the most to you on there

*Think of it as a display

*Make it as personal and unique to you as possible

*You can always change and update things

Daisy Dv

So I ventured to the Boots sale and I was shocked to find a selection of Christmas gifts designed by Daisy De Villenuve. This woman I cannot speak higher about, she is amazing.

She has her own little thing going on and I for one will never get tired of her. From her major collabration with Topshop back in 2004, to her recent collabrations with Impulse and Habitat.

I was so happy to grab these at a bargain half price too :) I swear I didn't see these in the shop before Christmas, or else I would of more than likely bought them at full.


Change of Heart

So everyone knows when I say I hate something..It really means I love it. (plus LOOK at that packaging)

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