A Few Xmas Surprises

A girl who can’t resist Barbie, and so my mum knows it.

For some unknown slightly maddening reason I have a rather strange attraction to a certain Stay Puft marshmallow man from the 1984 Ghostbusters film. I have ALWAYS had the urge to own one. (And I’m not even that keen on marshmallow itself!). I am always looking out for these at carboot sales, however the boyfriend managed to surprise me with this dinky version.

I also got a new umbrella, designed by Cath Kidston, an old favourite of mine. Seems my current Hello Kitty one was pretty much at the stage of danger. With a spindle broken and a wonky handle, it had seen better days.

And finally the much anticipated Book of Shadows Vol ll finally arrived on my dressing table…I feel an urge to re-decorate and re-organise everything in some sort of peacock/purple themed way… just to match the packaging!


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