Big Thrill

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of Soap & Glory…


“WOW!” screamed Alice.

This little girl lived happily ever after in a world full of luscious products.

The End.

(LONG STORY not so SHORT- I was in Boots the weekend these things were advertised on that infamous offer, a huge crate was wheeled out literally before my eyes. There was a queue specifically for these, of a good 40 people waiting patiently! Somehow I don't know quite how, I managed to get one. It was then swiftly sent to Santa, and arrived on my knee on Christmas Day. I cannot stop lining these products up and re-reading all the cute text...surely it's not just me?)


  1. ahh lucky you :) I wasn't there in time :( hahaha I don'y balme you, they all look so sweet lined up together xx

  2. repeatedly kicking myself for not getting one!

  3. My lovely boyfriend got one of these for me for christmas :D
    and my mum had already bought me a few things
    Love soap and glory, my skin feels so soft now


  4. Aww im so jelous I really wanted too get one of these but they had all sold out by the time I found out about the offer! Well done for getting one and I hope you enjoy using all the products! XO

  5. sooo luckyy!!
    i just missed out :( My mam was getting me it but she just missed out theyd all sold out :'( Gutted i was :( hope you enjoy ur lushhh products :D (so lucky) Nicola :D

  6. Love the hat box, such a bargain! I do that with my new purchases as well, just get them out and admire all the nice things :)

  7. heyy i got the barbie stuff and the huge soap and glory set for christmas too i love your blog we seem to interested in the same stuff lol please check out my blog if you have the time


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