Victoria Jackson- Yes I Know Who She Is

I don’t usually rant, not in this sort of manner, but something really annoyed me today. I was in my local Whsmiths and this has happened on numerous occasions in the past 6months. Infact every time I visit this particular store.

Two Sales assistants right in the walkway selling Victoria Jackson make-up. I literally cannot walk past without being bombarded with questions. I gather they are trying to sell Victoria Jackson makeup products, but instead of letting the customer browse, they ask every young girl entering the store, if you are into makeup and have you ever heard of Victoria Jackson?

Well in fact I have and I already own a couple of her products. Seriously this is really annoying me now. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I hate being sweet talked into buying something. I went in to buy a magazine not a £30 beauty kit!


  1. Yeah this has happened to me when I was on a school trip and I had to get on the coach back,
    ahh they were so annoying

  2. Which store? I'll avoid it!! Hate pushy sales tatics. Probably on comission only. :) Emma

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  4. Eeek, they do this all the time in one of the shopping centres near me. I hate it too!

    Just out of interest, what did you think of Victoria Jackson's stuff? I got bought a pallet a few Christmases ago but wasn't impressed.

    Jen x

  5. Hey hun ive nominated you for a blog award :)

  6. That's just bad marketing, they are not doing their company a favour.


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