Katy Perry- Style Evolution

I might not approve of her boyfriend, but one things for sure this girl has certainly caught my eye again.

Its funny my first proper blog post was concerning Miss Perry’s style presence at the 2008’s MTV Europe Music Awards. She’s also cropped up from time to time in other posts along the way.

The press attention may be all over her and Mr Brand, but I feel there is a need for me to compliment her budding fashion status. I have to admit she started off dressing wacky and extreme, attention seeking maybe? Well let’s face it, it worked.

Then somewhere along the lines a certain Lady, goes by the name ‘GaGa’ began to overshadow Perry. To be honest I think this has done her to world of good. Katy’s been able to grow and evolve. 2009s EMA’s saw her looking grown up and elegant. Her make-up and hair is so beautiful, I simply love it.

My favourite of the night be a bit of a contradiction but a ball gown with missing chunks. Truth be told a little bit of quirkiness doesn’t harm anyone.


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