Project Runway Season 6

For many years this little show has brought much happiness into my life. The glamour, the drama, the craziness, yet it all revolves around fashion…what else?

The new series (6) has just started running on Sky, much to my boyfriends horror I am hooked all over again. When I say all over again, I used to live, breathe this show when it originally started running. Were talking nearly over five years ago.

This years contestant’s, I guess it’s either love or hate with some of them, and that’s exactly why there on there in the first place.

I love the girl who looks like Penelope Cruz (Shirin) she’s already won one challenge and always seems to have a good eye for detail.

I also love Ra’mon Lawrence, well I am actually tipping him for the win, but who knows, there’s still a long way to go yet. His passion and dedication to the industry is so refreshing and his designs are always constructed amazingly. I adore everything he has made so far.

This show will always amaze me.


  1. I'm hooked too (and my bf isn't too happy about it either!)

    Not sure how I feel about it not being in New York though :(


  2. It's been a great season!

    Lovely blog!

  3. project runway always makes for great viewing - such a great season too.

    great blog - we'll def be back.

    ooh an on a separate note, have you seen our beauty giveaway? come check it out.

    love tbag xx

  4. hey girl

    i just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.


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