I see London...

This may be a shock to some, but up until last weekend I had never been to London. Yet it was always the place I desired to visit.

I must say it was in some ways totally what I expected and some ways totally different. I was a little (very) nervous with the transport, I’m not one for crowds and chaos, but luckily my boyfriend was a little more used to it than me. Admittingly we got on a few wrong tubes, but we just got off at the next stop.

SO what did we see?
General sightseeing, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, The London eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Harrods etc etc.

We also had a venture up to Camden, somewhere I’ve longed to go for many years.
Me and my boyfriend love eating out and we had the most amazing meals, both on Friday night and Saturday night, we ventured out for an Italian in Covent Garden and a Chinese in Chinatown :)

Now most importantly shopping… Well we didn’t do that much shopping! Infact all I did purchase was an emergency pair of primark pumps. We had an attempt at Oxford Street, but after being elbowed several times, I pretty much came to the realisation that this wasn’t the best place for me.

My boyfriend did accidentally lead me straight to Selfridges! I spied a mammoth MAC counter, and had a wander around Illamasqua. Whilst also browsing Tiffany.

The last couple of hours before we left, we decided to go to the Tate, I do enjoy visiting art gallery’s, and I was pleased to see the Pop exhibition on, there was a nice Andy Warhol collection, not just his work but interesting photographs and articles about his life.

All in all, it was just a lovely weekend; it was real nice spending time with my boyfriend, and a trip I won’t be forgetting anytime soon♥


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