Boots Christmas Catalogue- Gifts Galore!

For the past however many years, as long as I can remember, around this time of year, I always get excited over Boots Christmas gifts. There’s just something about them that makes me all animated.

To my surprise, I was out shopping with a friend yesterday and what did we spy, but the Boots Christmas catalogue! It’s funny, I guess it kind of has that same feel of an Argos book; you just want to grab it as fast as you can and scan with your eyes everything in it

The thing with Boots they have such a vast amount of gifts, reality is there not going to sell everything, and it is almost guaranteed the majority of products get left over for the January sales, which is always a bonus factor.

However it is always nice to have some much sought after gifts, on Christmas day and not forgetting the whole it’s about giving not receiving thing.

So what did I spy?

An immaculate display of Urban Decay goodies

Benefit bonanza

A nice revisit to Jeffrey Fulvimari’s Bobbypin (I always try and get at least one bobbypin product each Christmas, I just love the quirky designs)

And last but certainly not least, the much loved and sought after Soap and glory, I must admit, I’m gutted I didn’t pick up on this brand last Christmas, because I remember they had some quirky sets in last years catalogue, however this years offering seems to be bursting with variety, there literally is something for everyone!

And to turn it on its head, Soap & Glory’s men gift sets also are available! Va Va Groom all the way. Swapping pink packaging for a punkish red, it all feels a little retro.



  1. Boots Christmas Catalogues are like porn! Everything looks so good. Can't wait for Soap and Glory, been wanting to get some but I've been waiting for the 3 for 2 sets. It's great they're bringing out a mens range too, my bf keeps nicking my Soap and Glory bath cream.

  2. I love boots 3 for 2!! Mt philosophy is 2 for and one for me!! Keeps me happy lol I could spend a fortune in there


  3. yaaay! Boots catalogue time, need to get my hands on one :)
    Since it's 3 for 2, Ii buy 2 pressies for others and 1 for's only fair haha

  4. i am drooling after seeing your post on the catalog...great deal..

  5. oh i wish how the US had a boots !

  6. I loooooooove Boots Christmas stuff too! That Soap & Glory for men stuff looks interesting... hmm I shall have to check that out x

  7. Oooh cant wait to get my mits on this, I get way too excited over xmas catalogues :)

  8. i love benefit and urban decay! I have never heard of boots 3 for 2. maybe i should sign up to receive a catalog :)


  9. Looks like an amazing catalog! I never heard of it, but I want it!

    Great blog! I will def. be back!

  10. I love the Christmas catalogue from Boots - I get so excited! I'm super excited that its out now!


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