Things don’t change overnight, and not much has happened, nor seems to be happening. When I say this I mean I haven’t found a job.
This situation seems all too familiar from last year; the lead up to Christmas, technically there should be plenty of jobs around. As people constantly tell me, there are simply no jobs at the moment, were in a recession, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.

A lot of the time I shy away from talking about personal matters, but I feel that right now this might be the best way to somewhat vent my frustration. If someone had told me that I would be in this situation by the time I’m 20, then I know for sure I would have done everything I could to have prevent this from happening.

My qualifications aren’t special but I have a decent set of GCSE’s, a couple of A levels, and a qualification in Art. But it seems little help, I know now that particularly my higher education qualifications are completely in inappropriate subjects, that I am seriously regretting choosing.

It got close to a point in July/August were I was considering going back to education, either college again or university. So much doubt in my mind and subsequently not a clearing place for me, I’m back at square one.

These past weeks I’ve been applying to so many jobs, yet I haven’t had one single response. I guess sometimes you just have to be patient in life, but I know that the longer I remain in this situation, the more unhappy and discontent I am. It’s difficult to be around people, do the normal everyday things, because the one thing I want more than anything I can’t have.

I get so angry and frustrated, I cry into my boyfriends arms, yet I just can’t seem to accept it, it’s difficult for me to talk about without getting upset, and sometimes I wonder why I let it upset me so much, but unless you have been here, you really don’t know what it’s like.

A mixed up feeling at the moment. I know there’s some creativity left in me somewhere.


  1. I know exactly how you feel - tears, frustration, the whole works. I was unemployed for about 8 months after graduating and it was horrible. I applied to so many job adverts and heard nothing for ages before I got my current job and I felt really lost. Best thing to do is to keep going as you'll never know what opportunity is coming around the corner.

    You also sound insecure with your qualifications. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with art qualifications as they can lead you to many positions within the creative industry such as project management, admin, assisting on sets, photo shoots etc
    You also need to look in the right places. For creative jobs look in the Guardian Jobs section on their website, gumtree.com and target certain companies that you'd like to work for. Monster and websites like that rarely have creative positions but you might as well try them too.

    You'll get there in the end and when you do it will be worth all the hard work.

  2. I'm on the same level as you at the moment, I have been looking for work throughout the summer and a bit before, applying to multiple places in one day, i have only just got a job and i'm not sure that i like it... But, i think it is the percevering that pays off, especially in these few weeks where people will be moving to uni and quitting their jobs - so be on the look out and be really persistant to the places you apply to because it shows that you really want to work there.

    I have had the same exact feelings as you and after my first night at my new job i can't say i'm feeling any better - which doesn't help - but it really does get easier with time and i hope you'll find something you enjoy soon enough.

  3. Hey Bubbski.

    I've only really been looking for work for the last month or so, but I can understand where you are coming from, perhaps not to the same degree but regardless.

    As the people above me have said and I have told you many times in the past, just stick it out comrade, there are plenty of jobs in the sea, just gotta hope they can swim. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll find something.


  4. Really feel for you but just keep going - nothing last forever !


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