Straight Forward

Lately more so than ever I seem to be feeling so negative.

I did the college thing, and at present it seems I’ve ended up nowhere :(
I’ve not written for the past week, and my blog is something I enjoy and take much pleasure out of writing, creating and communicating with other people, that I felt I owed you some sort of explanation.

Sometimes I just wish it was simple, that we all knew which jobs we would end up with and which we wouldn’t. That when you go to a job interview you automatically get the job, and you don’t have to hear that you weren’t good enough.
I feel such a failure, like I’ve had my chance at making something of myself. Part of me just doesn’t have a clue anymore what to do.


  1. Oh hun, it's all so tough sometimes, isnt it? My email is
    if you ever need to talk, youll get through and im sure youll find something that makes you happy xxx

  2. i am a senior now and i am terrified of going out and getting a real job. i am afraid of the rejection and all that jazz you just mentioned. your totally not alone! good luck with everything and feel better<3

  3. Aww seriously, loads of people experience this. You will find something. :)

  4. i still dont know what i want to do :(
    ive tried every career you could imagine from retail to office and everything in between ive done childcare at college and make-up artistry at college and even though im still in childcare now neither are things i can see me doing for the rest of my life :| it is seriously confusing choosing a career!
    keep your chin up chick and im sure youll find what you want to do eventually :) and in the meantime carry on writting great blogs :)


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