Kind of an ins and outs, but I think my last couple of blog posts amount to enough outs!

Xfactor – Ahh I’m hopelessly addicted.
And my favourite? Lucie Jones... I love love love this girl. From the moment I saw her first audition she reminds me of Bella. I know it’s not a Twilight look-alike contest but I genuinely think she has talent and that something special about her, and her style is casual but chic :)

Urban Decay Grifter and Last Call- I’ve been wearing these shades together tons recently. I like the sparkle and according to the colour wheel, purple is the shade for me…green eyes and all that.

Car boot sale- Me and my boyfriend went again this weekend, he did somewhat better than me, he managed to pick up some vinyl’s, and I must admit the more I rummage through tatty cardboard boxes full of a whole variety of vinyl, I’m beginning to see the appeal.

I was much swayed by a Mr Frosty ice making machine, but that’s another story.
I did however pick up this beauty…Jessie from Toystory!!!

I’ve been wanting this toy forever and I’m a sucker for old school Toystory merchandise. She even has a little stand that talks, not bad for £1!



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