Fellow Bloggers

Sorry for a gap in posts- again not feeling too inspired lately. However as I have said many times before, when I don’t post, it doesn’t mean I don’t come back and read.
In fact I find more interesting and insightful things on here, than I seem to do in my magazines.

After having a bit of a youtube binge, (I’m sure it’s not just me) I decided it would be nice to talk about some of my favourite bloggers & youtubers. It’s not really a tag, as I know a lot of you have done this before, and I don’t have a clue how to copy and past urls! I’m rubbish. So let it just simply be a nice way to just give some compliments if nothing else :)

PandaDoesMakeup –
When I first started blogging, one of my earliest recollections was this girl,
; I’m still as enthralled as I once was.

Zoella -
The superstar. She’s so informative and passionate about her blog, a real inspiration.

Stuff: noun. Meaning “a collection of random things”.
I adore her blogposts, there always creative and detailed. She’s intriguing and genuine.

When I watch her videos I just feel so inspired, she seems so confident. She is so passionate about make-up, beauty, and life itself.

The hauls are always extravagant and exciting. I love how she loves Hello Kitty.

So bubbly and genuine. A real delight to watch.

Pinksealight- My oldest friend.


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