Style Icon 2: Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

There’s just something about this woman that is enchanting. Off screen and on screen her beauty shines through, yet I feel she isn’t the stereotypical Hollywood siren, infact I think she’s in a class all of her own.

It was her portrayal of Allie in the Notebook that really captured my heart. I love the whole era of that film, I love Allie’s character and I love her infamous relationship with Noah.

Her costumes were particularly interesting, high waisted shorts are not something I usually appreciate but somehow she manages to pull them off alongside matching headband, in the scene (If you’re a bird, I’m a bird)

My favourite outfit of the whole film, is that of the DVD cover, the blue dress, it’s so sophisticated yet so flattering and is… the dress, if you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean, without being too rude!

Eagerly waiting to see The Time Travellers Wife, I saw the photos from the premiere (pictured at the top) and yet again Rachel is a show stopper. I must admit until I saw the photo's I didn’t realise how petite she was, and I know the dress would not suit all body shapes, but for her it’s perfect. And white is such a simple colour. It’s a little a daring, and a somewhat non existent bra, but Rachel McAdams pulls it off with style and elegance, and so she should.

Finally her hair, again not stereotypically Hollywood styled. Infact in Mean Girls I hated her long blonde hair (maybe it was a wig?)

I remember reading an article some years ago asking if women should still be wearing pink in there hair, and at the time it was revering to Rachel McAdams, as she had a period of having pink streaks in her hair. I think this was a brave move and shows a quirky side to her.

Now her hair is more naturally coloured, and styled to perfection, I like her brunette, and I think short hair really does compliment her tiny frame.

This is my absolute favourite photo of her, the dress, the hair, the make-up, need I say more :)


  1. I love the last pic! so gorgeous xx

  2. Thanks for becoming a follower. Ur blog is great, I adore Rachel McAdams she is sooo pretty its infuriating. Love her acting as well. Going to watch her in the Time Travellers Wife

  3. Hi, thanks for following me :) I can't wait to see Time Travellers Wife my bf has promised to take me. x

  4. I absolutley love Rachel McAdams, she is so beautiful. She suited that era in the movie so well and her clothes were gorgeous.



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