Midnight Cowboy Dupe

Midnight Cowboy by Urban Decay will always remain one of my favourite eye shadows, purely because there’s something simple yet special about this shadow. I remember wearing this shadow for months on end, daytime and night time, I felt I could dress it down or dress it up with startling black lashes and a dark lip or a low key face with a nude lip.

Having hit pan with my individual Midnight Cowboy, I was fortunately re-united with it in the book of shadows. As much as I praise this shadow, the only downside to this one is similar to some of the other UD shadows; they are bursting with glitter, so much so endless amount of times I have ended up with glitter all the way down my face, even with primer on.

So I was surprisingly pleased when I came across this beauty, Eyeko’s Manga Make Up Book in ‘MakeOut Girl’. This retails at £5 on the Eyeko website, I picked this up in Tkmaxx way cheaper, I think for around £2. It was all packaged up and at the time I just grabbed it, due to my slight love affair with Eyeko’s packaging…sigh!

Anyhow back to the makeup, avoiding the left side of the book (lip glosses, concealer, cream blush and the much irrelevant brush applicators) over the past few weeks I’ve been using some of the shadows. Unfortunately they don’t have names, but the one on the top left, is what I would most certainly say a dupe of midnight cowboy. AND I love it :)

Not quite as pigmented as UDs shadows, I still would recommend these, I really like the texture, and the glitter is controllable, thank god!

I know sooner or later I will be revisiting Midnight Cowboy, and maybe in the future purchasing the Midnight Cowboy Rides Again or Midnight Cowgirl and newly released Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer Lotion. But for now I’m getting my wear out of this dinky Eyeko product :)


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