Jewellery Box to Make-up box?

I think I live in a world were nothing will ever be organised the way I want it. When it comes to my wardrobe I have no idea where anything is, nor do I care. I seem to forever live with clothes all over the place, I know in the long run this isn’t healthy nor practical but I guess were only young once, and every girl dreams of a Carrie closet one day.

When it comes to make-up however, I have to have it stored, not just stored but stored in a way which I can see everything, know where things are etc. Well somewhere down the line, I just never seem to have been able to be satisfied with my storage system. For a while I was using a trolley, but dust was my nemesis. I also latched onto the idea of using a large draw, dividing sections up. But it just semt strange it all being hidden away in the back of beyond.

Well I have made the decision to transfer to my jewellery box. When I say jewellery box, I mean a box designed to keep jewellery in. This is my dilemma. Should I ethically be doing this? Well fact is I don’t have half as much jewellery as I used to, and the bits I do have are either broken or cheap primark-esque findings. My most expensive jewellery I wear on a daily basis, therefore no box needed.

My brother bought me this 3 draw set a few years back, I think somewhere down the line my mum might have had something to do with it! Ha
I’ve always loved Venetian, and I love how it’s a pretty and delicate exterior but has a mammoth storage capacity.

So I’ve took the plunge and decided to go for it, I know my make-ups safe, and for once I know everything’s all together in one place. I’m hoping things don’t get too messy, the last thing I would want to do is wreck the lining. Hmmm

What do you think? x


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