A Girl And Her Purse

How come it’s a girl’s prerogative to change her purse more times than she changes her currency?

Well somewhere between a nothing out the ordinary Primark purse, an Eastpak wallet and a vintage clutch in between, I’m now full circle and have arrived back at this Pacha wallet.

I bought this wallet in the January sales 2007, from House of Fraser; it was in a gift set, down from £30 to £15 :)
I loved using it so much, I even went back and bought one of my best friends one, because I knew she loved it.

Me on the other hand loved it so much I stopped using it (please tell me it’s not just me who does this)

Long story short, I’m back using it :) and it’s as good as new.



  1. I forever think 'I must change my purse' to somethign a little more vibrant or special, right now I have a lovely but rather plain radley purse which my mother brought me, I have brought a couple of purses lately that are more prettier but just not as practical, as for that matter I am staying with my Radley. I know where I am with him :-)

    Very well written post btw.


  2. i used to change my purse ( and handbag ) almost everyday! its good to mix it up sometimes xx

  3. I love that purse :)
    I used to change my purse all the time - i've been using the same topshop one for ages - im on the hunt for the perfect purse!

  4. I never change my purse never ever! hehe not since I got this utterly gorgeous one! (Thank you alice!)



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