DIOR– can anyone help?

Basically I have a dilemma, well more of a hindrance than anything. I bought this ring roughly around 4 years ago; wait for it… off a market stall! I know what your thinking chavvy bling stall, that sells all the fakes, but it wasn’t quite one of those, it was actually from a fairly average seller, from my local flea market (that’s a whole other story) I remember it was a middle-aged woman who was selling it, alongside other personal possessions. It was £4.

To this day I have never worn it, it only just fits on my small finger, but is very small and to be honest when I bought it I had this mad idea to put it on a chain and wear it around my neck but that idea soon went away.

Anyhow I was rummaging through my jewellery box the other day and decided it’s something I really don’t need/want anymore, the 16year old in me isn’t quite there anymore. (Plus Tiffany kind of stole my heart♥)

So long story short, I need to know if this has any value at all? Is it a fake? Is it real? OR is it out of a Christmas cracker?
I payed little for it, so I won’t be disappointed if it’s not worth anything, I just really am intrigued and would like to know :)

It came with a silver Christian Dior drawstring pouch, which I am hoping to dig out, but my closet happens to be unruly at times. I remember using the pouch on nights out, to take my money out in (god forbid taking an actual handbag!)

Also I don’t know if you can see on the picture, but the inner of the ring has a Dior stamp indented, with the r trademark.

Any thoughts let me know :)x


  1. Hmm if it is off a stall I would say it is unlikely that it has any value, the only real way of valuing it is taking it to a professional. You could always stick it on e-bay and see how much it goes for there!


  2. its likely that its a fake, however i wouldnt reccomend selling it on ebay as you can get in trouble for selling counterfits, even if you didnt know, best to just charity shop it maybe?

  3. i think this little beauty was gift with purchase when the "diorshow" collection was first released around a few years ago. I would most certainly say it has come from Dior with the stamp on the inside - it would probably be worth a "million" dollars to an avid Dior fan and if you dont love it enough to keep it then maybe if you took it into a Dior counter the could tell you if it was worth any monitary value - its a lovely piece but if your heart doesnt make you wear if more than once in six months then you could look at passing in on to someone who would treat this as a daily treasure - you could do a kind of blogathon to the highest bidder. i hope you get the answer you are looking for - love your blog.xxx


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