Car Boot Sale

Having spent many an afternoon charity shop browsing, or going to the local Wednesday flea market for many years, car boots are just something I’ve never really been to. Mainly due to transport and not really knowing of any local ones. Ebay for a long time has been my ‘car boot’ as I like to think, I’m forever on that site scouring for any sort of nostalgia, cute necessity or down right bargain.

Having been dragged out of bed by my boyfriend, we set off to a car boot this morning :) It was at a place called OldCotes, but don’t ask me where that is, cause I’m rubbish with directions.

Getting lost down one of the many aisles, without my mobile phone was not one of my finest moments; I’d gone back to a stall and left my boyfriend where I thought I would be able to get back to. But somehow I managed to get lost. Having to kindly ask a woman on a stall whether I could borrow her phone. For a split second I actually thought I was never going to find him, but turns out the car is the best meeting place, in future.

ANYHOW I must say a little daunting at first, but there are some real bargains to be had. I just find the quantity of stuff for sale so crazy, you really do have to have a good eye to spot things. And there’s always the slightly inappropriate things people are tying to sell, used bra’s anyone?

The boyfriend bought some vinyls, whilst the girlfriend bought a nice selection of beauty/cosmetic items!

So here’s what I picked up, all together I spent £1.80

Benefit VIP Lip Glosses £1- Anything Benefit is always a must

Soap and Glory Spray-On Body Moisturising Mist - 50p, couldn’t resist buying this; I’ve heard so many positive things about this brand

Virgin Vie Lipstick in shade Nude- 5p! I couldn’t believe it either

Burts Bees Lip Balm- 5p

And finally this, I think the best bargain of the morning :)
Betseyville handbag, brand new with original tag – 20p!

So all in all a pretty good experience (apart from getting lost!)x


  1. nice goodies!
    i love bootsales :D xo

  2. 5P fpr lippies arrrgh! Wouldn't know where to go to find a bootsale but I'd love to, i love bargains :) Thanks for showing us yours. x

  3. I love bootsales but there's none near me :( Gonna have to do some searching. Loving the bargains!

  4. wow, you found some real bargains! :)

  5. I just know that I would never be able to find anything as good as this!

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