10 Facts Tag

I was tagged by icecoldlily :)

1)I love Sex and the City, so much so I watched 19 episodes in one day. Carrie is my favourite, though I screamed at the TV when she dumped Aiden and subsequently married Big. I also have the nameplate necklace.

2)I have a black and white cat called Charlie.

3)I only wear black underwear and Tiffany jewellery, picky much? I just like what I like.

4)I like collecting vintage/nostalgic items that have some sort of relevance to me. Particularly perfume bottles, tins, and compact mirrors.

5)I love Gwen Stefani, and everything about this woman. She is my biggest inspiration in life. I’ve also seen her live in concert.

6)I collect Anna Sui perfumes simply because there too cute

7)I make scrapbooks; my first scrapbook consisted of an S Club 7 homemade front cover, and a very messy attempt at collage inside. Luckily I soon grew out of throwing glue just about everywhere, and invested in prick stick. My last scrapbook project I used a clear A4 display binder, so it wouldn’t get tatty and I think this is my best book to date.

8)I used to have real long hair, down to the bottom of my back, then last December I cut it all off, a lot of the time I secretly yearn for it back.

9)Toy Story is my favourite Disney Film.

10)I’ve only just invested in GHD hair straightners. I opted for the ‘rare’ edition, a girl who can’t resist leopard print.

I Tag anyone who wants to do it :) there's a lot of tags going around at the moment!


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