Welcome Back

Having had an absence from my blog, I’ve decided it’s something I want to re-discover/re-create.
I want to thank all of my followers, for sticking with me, even though I haven’t posted anything new for a good 2months.

I felt what I was writing wasn’t really exciting and it wasn’t something I was enjoying as much as I used to. I love reading other peoples blogs, and have made a conscience effort to check back and read the people who I follows blogs.

I like the idea of a blog, if solely the only person who reads it is me, in some year’s time. It’s something I will always have, that I can look back on and remember this time in my life.

I’m changing a few things round on here, but I’m still going to leave my old posts up, just draw a line under them. A lot of my later posts, were becoming more and more make-up related, which I think is something I like to talk about but don’t necessarily talk about well, I never demonstrate with pictures etc.

I really want to be imaginative, and write interesting posts, that aren’t generically one subject. I think I’m going to be more open about what I write about and a little less formatted. I naturally love writing and sometimes I shut off from it, but it seems it always has a way of coming back to me. ♥


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