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Madison!!! (Splash 1984)

I always get super excited, when I get inspired from something so old and maybe forgotten about.

This character is so enchanting and quirky, bearing in mind she is a mermaid; I think her presence is actually magical. I love love love her long blonde hair, perfect mermaid hair as it would be. The stone necklace is so distinctive and also compliments her perfect.

I like how when she turns up at the Statue of Liberty stalkers, they put her in an I<3NY tee, be it to cover her modesty. Reminds me of a couple of years ago when all the trendy kids were wearing them, shows that some tees are timeless.

I also love it when she first discovers Bloomingdales, and she goes in Allen’s (Tom Hanks) man suit, miles too big for her. She’s so careless about fashion, but even somehow manages to pull it off.

The turquoise outfit too also looks amazing matched with her crimped flowing locks. Turquoise and blondes go so well together.
At the end of the day, I know it’s only a film but right now I couldn’t be more in love with her beauty.


  1. I have never seen this film! But now I want to :) xx

  2. oo i love this film so much!

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