When the magic comes to an end ...

So weeks and weeks of putting it off, I finally decided to open up my Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion and see what was going on. I'd seen pictures and videos of other people doing this, so I knew there must be some product lurking in there still...somewhere!

I was sad to see Urban Decay packaging get destroyed, but if you have this product, or will ever purchase this product in the near future...YOU HAVE TO DO THIS

Making sure the wand is taken out prior to the carnage; the worst is over in a couple of seconds! And trust me, the amount of product left in that little purple tube is really something else. You will die with shock.

SO making sure I had an airtight container at hand, I transferred the primer and tried to clean up the remains of my once pristine packaging.

Conclusion- Horrendous packaging. Amazing product.


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