10p Make-up Wipes!!

So any self-confessed beauty addict will know when it comes to make-up wipes, they seem to just disappear. You can buy a pack on Monday and come the following weekend, be down to the last one.

I’ve been there a million times, and the more I try to cut down on how many I use, the more I seem to need to use one. A minimum day would require just two, but some days I could use up to say 8!

So the other day in my local Tesco I stumbled across these, 10p! For 25 wipes!
I was cautious as I had once purchased some 49p wipes, and I swear they were just glorified toilet roll, so I just bought the one pack, for a whole 10p.

I got home and expected the worst to be honest; surely this was too good to be true?
I’ve used Simple, Eeyko, Drug stores own brands etc in the past, and I seriously cannot believe how good these wipes match up to them standards! Even my sometimes-excessive mascara was off in a wipe.

The next day I went back and bought 4 more packs, I noticed the display had gone down quite dramatically.

125 wipes for 50p!!!


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