Shadow and Lips

So having had a slight absence lately, due to spending time with a certain someone... I have finally managed to get updated.

Bought a few bits and pieces lately, mainly make-up, nothing expensive or extravagant, though the release of Hello Kitty MAC in just a few days is irritating me. I have about £15, and that’s pushing it, so who knows. My heart will melt when I see the collection, I know it, and I guess maybe I should just be grateful I can visit the collection and admire how pretty it is.

So I picked 8 eye shadows up super cheap. 50p each. And the shop assistant only scanned through 7, so turns out I only paid £3.50 for this bunch!

Don’t get me wrong I know these aren’t the best quality brand wise, and pigment wise, but I’m actually a sucker for a bargain and at the end of the day if it’s the wrong colour or texture, it’s not a disappointment when you only paid such a small price in the first place.

I got 2 w7 eye shadows in Damask and Rosewood.
I thought the packaging was unusual and I love neutral colours atm, definitely worth getting.

2 Margaret Astor eye shadows- in Apricot and Cassis. Never heard of this brand, but the colours looked intriguing, however the Cassis fell apart literally when I opened it up, the lid wasn’t on properly and it all crumbled. Managed to save part of it.

4 Lizzie Shadows – These shades don’t even have names! May reflect how cheap of brand Lizzie actually is. But I like trying out new colours and these are great for experimenting.

Also picked up a couple of lipsticks :)

The notorious Darling (134) by GOSH. A lot easier to apply than BarryMs lip paints, a real nice texture. I like this lipstick a lot, a bit more expensive but definitely worth it.


2True Glossy wear Lipstick in number (2) a really nice vibrant pink, completely duped Barry Ms 100. Really cheap this and a nice coverage.

I stumbled across this like 5minutes after I had bought the 2True, it’s Bourjois Paris, in Rose Eclat (19) Again the bright pink I was on the hunt for, but this has a tiny mix of glitter in, just couldn’t resist.



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