Night Of Fancy

Being somewhat of an Anna Sui fanatic, the excitement of the launch of a new fragrance should have been exciting. I think this might have been spoilt, due to the fact I had heard about this coming out a while ago, and with all the Harajuku madness last month, I think it’s come out at a bad time for me perfume wise.

Not that anything will ever replace my admiration for Anna Sui; I just don’t think I’m too bothered about this one, for now at least. I picked up a 6m sample at Superdrug; it’s a pleasant scent but nothing-breathtaking original. I don’t know I think I’ve grown up with Anna Sui in my life for so long, it’s hard for me to find one of there newer releases as exciting as the originals.

I really do love Anna Sui, and my Dolly Girls still have permanent residence on the dressing table, but I think it’s time I explored more perfumes.

Night Of Fancy is an addition to the original Flight of Fancy, which I bought around this time last year. I fell in love with the whole Flight of Fancy campaign and packaging but there really is nothing new here. Perfume aside, the box; bottle and design are identical, apart from a colour change and a few illustrations. I know this is a common trend in perfume design but it is always nice to see something completely brand new from time to time.

I love the peacock design, it’s actually amazing.
I think I can appreciate the sample enough, without having to go buy the £20 bottle.
It’s Anna Sui, it’s always going to be a dream.

Hopefully there’ll be something brand new from Anna Sui next year.
I definitely still have Harajuku on the brain.


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