MAC Hello Kitty

Finally the Hello Kitty collection arrived in the UK on Thursday. I managed to get there early Friday morning with my Mum and luckily nothing was sold out, all the way there I was convinced it was going to be. I was a bit disappointed that they barely had any of the accessories in my store, but maybe that was a good thing, then I couldn’t have been swayed into buying one.

I got the ‘Tippy’ blush, which I wanted from the off, and know I wouldn’t of been happy without. I’m new to blush, so this should be exciting, plus the packaging makes my heart melt, every time I see it.

Originally I was going to limit myself to just the one product, but my friend had recommended the lip conditioner, and even though I was annoyed at the price, I remembered it was MAC after all. That aside when I did come face to face with the collection, the lip conditioners really stood out. I chose the sought after ‘Pink Fish’, told the woman I wanted ‘Pink Fish’, got home and ‘Popster’ is sat in my MAC carrier bag.

I must admit I was pretty annoyed, because you go to MAC to buy good quality makeup and when you get given the wrong product, it is more than disheartening. I was all set for marching back down to MAC and demanding ‘Pink Fish’, even if it had sold out. Then in typical me fashion, I somehow came round to the idea of actually liking ‘Popster’. It’s a lot deeper shade and I already have a selection of pink balms, glosses, etc.

I forgot how much I love Hello Kitty, I know I have a bit of a thing for cats, but I really love old school HK Saniro stuff. It’s a bit of a craze these days but I like collecting unusual pieces.

Packaging wise they could have gone all pink and girly, or even red to go back to original Saniro roots, but I think just going for pink and black is effective in some ways. Ultimately it has MAC written all over it.

Hello Kitty and MAC collaborating for me seems a little too easy, but saying that I’m not saying its a bad collection at all. It’s predictable but it works and I like it.


  1. well cute. am even tempted myself lol.

  2. Lol. This has happened to one of the other blog writers I read (same exact situation - asked for Pink Fish, got Popster, settled for Popster XD). It's odd ;).
    Pink Fish's a bizarre name though :-/.
    Glad you liked your stuff in the end :).

  3. i went on the thursday in selfridges and it was pretty nuts! with added crazyily made up mac staff aswell! i didntget anything though, due to the was a bit steep methinks!

    oh and do you think that they purposely gave you popster because pink fish has sold out??! jut to get the sales?!?!


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