Marie Antoinette

I picked this DVD up the other week in Zavvi ridiculously cheap, I had been curious about this film for a while. I had seen a reference to it in Teen Vogue and had a small idea of who Marie Antoinette was. I knew she was a rich Queen, who was known as quite notorious, but that’s about it.

So watching this film was a complete and utter eye opener for me. Not to mention a visually mesmerizing experience. I am not one for period films, but this was completely different. I was fascinated by the stunning costumes, extravagant settings and altogether mise en scène of the film.

I felt Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of Marie was genuine and truly passionate. I felt so much empathy towards the young Marie and ultimately what was happening to her. The scene where she completely collapses in emotion and locks herself in the bathroom is so emotional and quite difficult to watch.

It was like she had been given the dream ticket to a nightmare. She was ignored by her husband, pestered by her mother for not living up to her expectations, and forced into a lifestyle that would eventually end in tatters.

The leading up to Marie getting pregnant I felt was quite tense, she was a scared little girl being deemed a bad person, just because she hadn’t produced a heir to the thrown. Her maternal nature towards her first child, Marie Therese, was so beautiful to watch. I really enjoyed watching the scenes in the country, they were so carefree.

Her gambling and extravagant spending wasn’t too overexposed in the film I don’t think; it was relevant but even that done in a beautiful way, pink cakes, and expensive fabrics. It’s not hard to see the lifestyle she was forced into consequently made her the worse a person, she was a free spirit trapped in a box almost.


  1. That is such a good film! Everything is so grand and beautiful.

    Kirtsen Dunst is really good in it aswell x

  2. i think this is dunst's best performance yet of her adult career.

    I thought that this film captured her spark which I thought she had lost from when she was little.

    Although I still think my favourite film of hers is a tie between little women and interview with a vampire.


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