LOVE magazine

So having spent the last few weeks avoiding magazines, it wasn’t a surprise how excited I got when it was finally time to break the rule, and purchase one.
Not just anyone though, the brand new LOVE magazine. I’d stumbled across a review of it last week online, and it said the release date was going to be Thursday. So as luck would have it, I was in my shopping centre, where there are several newsagents and a pretty big Whsmith’s, on what other day but Thursday. To my disappointment, it was nowhere to be seen.

I must admit when I couldn’t get it, it made me want it even more. So again the following day, I checked every newsstand I could find and nothing. I also knew exactly what the cover looked like, a stark naked Beth Ditto, not exactly hard to miss.

So it was Saturday, when I finally managed to get my hands on this damn thing. I had a feeling it was going to be stupidly overpriced, £5 to be precise. But if the weight, thickness and ultimate quality of the paper is anything to go by, I think actually it may be reasonable pricing. Also only being a seasonal magazine, it’s not like your paying out constantly.

I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend, so reading put aside, I have only read the first couple of pages and skimmed through. But from what I have seen so far, I think it’s pretty exciting, even for me who as it has been documented over indulged in magazines.

The only thing that makes me dislike this magazine is its name. It just didn’t strike me as very original, and a couple of months ago just hearing the word LOVE may have reduced me to tears. I guess LOVE is such an in depth word, with a million meanings.
Saying that some of the interviews I’ve skimmed through, the questions relate to love, which is a little quirky and fitting, seems the magazine is called LOVE after all.

The editor’s note at the beginning of the magazine appropriately named ‘LOVE letter’ by editor Katie Grand, posed a lot of questions to the reader. Which I think I like, reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw infamously questioning everything. I like how it’s a collaboration of different people put in this issue. From Sofia Coppola to Angelica Huston.

The Ditto nakedness is a bit off putting, but it’s loud and out there, it wants a reaction. And ultimately it’s showing that LOVE magazine is not about the ideal beauty that is constantly shoved down our throats. But it’s not completely anti-fashion and beauty, as it’s still jammed full of fashion, and the countless Prada, Chanel, you name it adverts.

If I had known the little treat the magazine had inside, in the form of a somewhat huge Hello Kitty MAC poster, then I would have bought the magazine just for that.

Magazines make me happy. The end.


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