GaGa Affair

This post is most definatly over due, but I feel like constantly I’m finding more out about the girl of the moment Lady GaGa. When I first heard about her it was the whole Christina comparison, it was a who’s copied who scenario.
I saw the pictures and shrugged it off I guess; I mean somewhere down the line there was a resemblance. I 100% think Christina’s 50s image was so much more effortless on her, and dare I say less trashy, but I’m here to talk about GaGa not Xtina.

Come to think of it trashy is everything Lady Gaga is. Demure is everything she’s not. She parades her tiny legs around in even tinier panties, and not just in her bathroom like the rest of us, but in front of the whole wide world. Not to mention her constant references to what’s that again…sex?

A couple of weeks ago it suddenly hit me who she reminded me of and ultimately the reason why I am in a GaGa bubble at the moment. Gwen Stefani, the quirkiness, the craziness and the barking madness. Achieving all three lyrically with her music, in her persona and presence and the big one, her fashion sense.

With ‘Just Dance’ being the hit it was, I think she has cemented herself to be here for a while yet. She makes Katy Perry look a little lifeless. I was talking to a friend about Gaga and his exact reaction was ‘What is it with you and these crazed blonde pop stars?’
Funnily enough I took it as a compliment, not an insult. Be it Stefani, be it GaGa, there’s so much intrigue there.

Although no one will ever inspire me as much as Gwen seems to have and still somehow manages to, I think GaGa is a breath of fresh air. I like how she has a huge input in her clothing choices. She is pushing boundaries but there the right boundaries to push for sure. Even though she is on paper, the stereotypical controversial pop star, Gwen alike, Christina alike, Britney alike, could even say Madonna alike, she is not them.

No one is unique and Gwen once was quoted saying something like ‘I copy peoples ideas and mix them all into my own.’
At the time I was so confused by it, but now I totally understand it. If you lived your life trying to be unique and taking nothing from anyone else then I don’t think you would actually move anymore forward. There was a time in my life when I thought I dressed so damn unique, but it turns out there’s a 100 other girls who bought that same top as me. There are a hundred other girls who had red streaks in their hair.

The way I see it is, there’s inspiration everywhere and on everyone. You should look for the bits you like and take them, adapt them, change them, have fun with them. It’s okay to be inspired; it’s okay to have inspirations. A spark of something can turn into something truly amazing. I know that now.


  1. Really interesting post. I love both Gwen and Lady Gaga... I see a similarity between the two of them much more than Gaga and Xtina... Plus quite a few track on Lady Gagas albums sound similar to Gwen (Boys Boys Boys - the vocals are very similar!)

  2. i think you're absoloutly spot on with the orignality factor.

    the truth is, nowadays there is NO originaliy, everything has been done before, especially with music and fashion.

    so that is the reason why gaga is so similar to people like gwen and christina. they are popular so therefore she and her record company have made her look the way she does. they sell so she does.

    its like jumping on a bandwagon without many people noticing you have done. and gaga did it with very little effort.


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