Brit Awards

I'm really tired and I seem to have a million things to do before the morning. But I watched the Brit Awards earlier tonight(I watch them every year) They were pretty entertaining, the bits I loved....

I don't know what was more amazing, Katy Perry turning up in Hello Kitty, whoever knew you could wear Hello Kitty! I think she actually had the MAC brush holder glued to her side! Just as GaGa had stolen the style crown in my book, Perry decides to go all crazy, the way i like it :) she also won an Brit.

Girls Aloud looked sensational, as always. And won a Brit finally.

There was Duffy and her three Brits. But I can't be bothered to go there.

Kings Of Leon decided to be there amazing selfs and performed the song I could listen to everyday for the rest of my life and still find it as sincere as it was the first time I heard it. They won not one but two Brits :)

I still have no clue to who The Pet Shop Boys are, BUT a certain Mr Flowers and Lady Gaga showed up to perform alongside them, which was intriguing for sure.



  1. Ooh lala,that Mr Flowers is such a hottie!

  2. you don't know who the pet shop boys are?

    where have you been? haha

    I'm not a big fan of them, but I do know who they are.

    I might watch the brits online. but i never think they pick the right people to win. kings of leon deserved it though, but duffy is so predictable and also katy perry.

    though i have to admit, her outfit is amazing!


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