Walk Of Life

So a few months ago my mum was clearing some stuff out and she gave me these Adidas trainers, brand new, she'd never got round to wearing. The last time I wore trainers was probably before the millennium, so realistically I had no use for these.

Secondly I don’t quite know who in their right mind would wear something so bright and ultimately garish. Baring in mind these were meant for 1999 fashion.

Well anyhow somewhere between my flickr and a man who likes trainers? I got a buyer for them. I was a little confused to why he would want them, as they weren’t his size, but as a friend pointed out, if they genuinely make somebody else happy then it's a good thing.

I have been trying to sort a lot of things out recently, anyone who knows me knows I hoard by nature. But recently it seems like I can finally let go of things, at the end of the day in our life’s we should only keep the things that make us happy and that we need. The things I have been getting rid of have gone to charity, which all in all is a good thing as well.


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