Thinking Of You

When I saw Katy Perry’s latest video I was defiantly surprised, it was so refreshing and different to her previous tracks. Which I most defiantly think is a good thing, it all seems a lot more grown up and serious, opposed to borderline tacky, verging on a gimmick.

The imagery right from the off sparked a reminder of the film the Notebook for me, which is always going to tug at a heartstring. The whole 1940s setting is so idealistic. The bicycle scene in particular, with Perry laughing and joking was very reminiscent of Noah and Allie, carefree and madly in love.

I’ve always had an eye on Perry’s somewhat quirky style and this video, she gets the approval from me. Her clothes are 100% perfect, from the silk robe, to the lace parasol, it has a slight tilt towards a certain Von Teese, not that this is a bad thing. A lot of people seem to attack somebody as soon as they start dressing in similar styles to other people. I guess I even can hold my hands up to doing this.

At the end of the day fashion is a huge platform, and everyone takes ideas and inspiration from different places.

It’s not often that a video captures my attention for very long, but this has. It’s also nice to see a different side to Katy Perry musically; it shows she is here to stay.


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