So my dressing table is the one place that stays tidy. Fact.

I don't know what I would do without mine, it's the place were I put make-up on, the place where perfume comes alive, it's the place where all the magic happens. (or so I like to believe)

Many years of organisation and practice has lead to how it is now.
Too much clutter isn't good, at one time I had about 30 perfume bottles squashed together and couldn't get to anything, so I try to make sure nothings being hidden away.

The perfume I do have on display are the ones i'm currently wearing and the lucky ones, who for them get permanent residence. These predominantly being the Anna Sui Dolly Girls. These are my favourite scents in the whole world.

As for other stuff I tend to display, are generally kitsch bits and pieces. From Hello Kitty to The Powerpuff Girls. One of my best tips is cups and containers, I have plastic but i'm sure any sort of container is a good starting point. My pink Hello Kitty one is perfect to store brushes and eye pencils.

I think I took my inspiration from a variety of places. I mean I love how Edie in Factory Girl has a print of Audrey Hepburn on her dresing table, so when I got the canvas of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys, I knew straight away where I was going to display it. My fan and Harajuku flyer all tye in with my Japaneese influences.

I'm fascinated by packaging and especially bright things. I have allsorts... lipgloss carasouls, jelly bean lip balms, love heart sweets, refresher lollipops.
I definatly have some affection for sweets and candy. Love hearts packaging is my all time fave. ♥


*Have the things that mean the most to you on there

*Think of it as a display

*Make it as personal and unique to you as possible

*You can always change and update things


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