Makeup Buys

Just a quick visit whilst my Mum was doing the supermarket shop. Give me Superdrug over Tesco any day.

Eyeko Mascara

I have wanted this for a while now, cute brand, cute packaging, pretty much everything that usually draws me in. It will be interesting to see how it lives up to mascara standards; just hoping the squeeze tube isn’t a bad sign.

Maybelline – Pure Minerals

I’ve taken a bit of a chance with these as they’re new out. I’m pretty fond of my Pure Blush mineral, so if that is anything to go by. Plus Dream Matte is causing me too much distress at the moment, so I’m open for something new.

Smackers set

Because I’m a 10 year old at heart. This was only like £2, I already have one of the glosses in a different flavour, so it was worth buying for that. The green smoothie mix is heading straight for my bin mind, not my lips.


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