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I think I could be getting quite fond of makeup. Recently I’ve been trying out products and brands I would never have before. It’s been a real eye-opener, because some live up to expectations and some simply don’t. I don’t have a big budget to spend on makeup, but I try to get the best value for my money. And this week in particular I think I’ve nabbed some bargains!

1) Urban Decay – Lube In A Tube £1 (Pound Land)

I was shocked and mortified when I spied Urban Decay in my local pound store. It is disheartening to think however big your brand; you can still end up in the bargain bin. However these were limited edition tubes, that may have out stayed there welcome on the cosmetic shelves of Department stores.

I am not a big fan of Urban Decay lip products; I think the eye shadows win hands down any day. So there wasn’t any urgency or real need to buy these, but Urban Decay at a £1 simply doesn’t happen often.

Having tried the balms I think the amount that actually comes out is a bit of a disappointment. Miami is a not so nice flavour; L.A is tolerable, by no means a favourite. I will say the packaging is pretty cute, as per with UD, cartoon like images and all.

Verdict- Cheap price. Cheap Product. Would not of been happy if I had paid usual UD prices.

2) Anna Sui- Fard a Paupieres- 100 Eye Colour (£1.04 Ebay)

I have been in love with this brand for half a decade now. I simply find everything about Anna Sui mesmerizing, from the quirky Dolly Girl series to the exquisite folklore prints. I religiously have collected the perfumes and promotional gifts that have come out each time. However I have never, until now tried any of the beauty products. Simply because I wasn’t able to get hold of them, so when my friend stumbled across this on ebay, it was all a little too good to be true.

My biggest fear on ebay, is last minute bidders, when infact I am the classic last minute bidder.
Sometimes I leave it so late that there’s only seconds in it. So I wasn’t expecting to win this item at all, so when I did at the price I did, it was a pretty good buy.

I must admit this lives up to Anna Sui standards. Call me bias but this packaging literally makes my heart melt. Pictured with my Classic Anna Sui, it’s from the trademark black packaging, no gimmicks in site.
The eye shadow is very light, and looks a little pale alone, but mixed together it creates quite a subtle but sensual look.

Verdict – Dream purchase

3) Lancôme- 99p each (Superdrug)

Now this is possibly one of the most amazing buys I’ve stumbled across EVER. It was like literally finding hidden treasure. I was in my local Superdrug today by chance, and having a quick browse, I found a clearance rail labelled up as ‘everything 99p’ so when I spied a green basket on the shelf, filled with silver boxes, I didn’t believe it until I reached inside and saw Lancôme!

I was rummaging so chaotically I think fellow shoppers wondered what they were missing out on. There were about 20 lipsticks so I wasn’t worried about someone finding them before me. There was only one single shadow in ‘Pearly Green’ which no surprises was straight in my basket. I also managed to find 2 Juicy Tubes, which immediately rang alarm bells in my head, as these seem to pop up everywhere in magazines, beauty reviews etc. So they too headed straight to the basket.
I then picked up a Sweet Balm, as the packaging slightly won me over a little on this one

I finally then went through the Le Rouge Absolu lipsticks one by one, checking through the codes carefully. I decided upon 309 ‘Rhodolite Rose’, a deep and vibrant pink, something I don’t have in my collection. I was tempered with a pillar-box red shade, but the last time I wore red lips wasn’t great.

So all in all I think I got a good selection. I’ve just been looking online and the
lipsticks are retailing at £18. And the sought after Juicy tubes £13.
To think I got 5 Lancôme items for £4.95 is just mind-boggling!!

Verdict- Superdrug are having one hell of a clearout.


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