The little things in life..

So we all know the Dame Edna packaging completley and utterly swayed me over. As shallow as it might sound, packaging and first appearances (product wise not people wise) is very important to me. I guess I just give a lot of attention to detail, maybe borderline obssessive, but I simply notice everything.

So I was sorting through some stuff earlier and found a pile of clothing/accessory tags. Silly as it might sound, I really enjoyed sorting through them. I guess different people collect different things, but to me fashion and beauty is important and I like keeping them as a little reminder. It's funny how some of the tags must be going on 4/5 years old. I don't even own some of the things anymore, that the tags originally came off.

For example the Emily Strange stuff is from a long time ago, but I think personally it's nice that I still have the tag as a keepsake. Plus it beats storing some old tatty t-shirt, thats never going to be seen out again in public.

My fave tag of them all is an EISENEGGER one (top right on pic) this was a high street shop, that ended up being shut down. But the tag is so intriguing and colourful.

I know i'm a hoarder by nature and at times can simply just have too much junk, but these are harmless and hardly take up any room at all.


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