One of my childhood friends was Mary Kate and Ashley mad, but I never really got into it. I remember her lending me Switching Goals, and persuading me to watch it. I turned it off half way through, and the next day telling her I’d really enjoyed it.

So I think now as a young woman, I am making up on the Mary Kate and Ashley fascination. I seriously stand by the idea that growing up, lets you grow into your style. As a teenager, you go through so much experimental stages in fashion. You try to fit in, you try to not, you try to shock, and you try to look older than you should. It’s all an experiment, if my personal experiences are anything to go by.

Therefore I believe that there is a certain moment in a woman’s life, when she hits the fashion jackpot. (I haven’t got there yet) Right now these two twins have it. They’re living, breathing it everyday.

What I admire most about there styles is it all seems so effortless. There is nothing worse than being over styled. They have a modern look, with there own variations going on. They always keep it clean, there’s a fine line between being edgy and looking trashy. These girls embrace fashion, even on the dressed down days.

After countless visits to Waterstones and enquiries to abrupt staff, it appears that shops just don’t stock this book. So I finally enlisted play, but once I had placed my order, I got a disappointing email saying it had gone out of stock. Apparently not only me was eager to get this book. So late January, I finally have this book delivered to my doorstep.

I must admit the format was not what I expected at all. And the size of the book itself was surprising, a real coffee top table book. I usually carry books around in my bag, but I would need one hell of a sack to carry this around. The quantity of fashion in this book is borderline dangerous, for an addict like me. The old rule, it’s quality not quantity is completely irrelevant here, because you overdose on both.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion, because love them or loathe them Mary Kate and Ashley know a thing or two about this industry. This book interviews a whole selection of leading designers, artists, and creative people. I also recommend this book to anyone who is a self confessed Olsen fan, new or old, because this shows how far these two girls have come. And ultimately how naturally beautiful they really are.

There are some nice personal touches like the Polaroid photos and surprisingly messy handwriting. This book is influential, as corny as it may sound, it really does live up to it’s title ‘Influence’

I just feel like this is a book that I can keep going back to and get different things from. This is a carefully put together project by the Olsen’s and you can genuinely feel the passion they have for the fashion industry.

Go read.


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